Thoughtful Consideration

I could not let this day pass without acknowledging the significance of today. Every relationship has milestones and today marks one for me and John. Two years ago on January 5, John received an alert that I had no idea I had initiated while viewing his profile on the UK dating website, Guardian Soulmates.

After seeing this picture and reading his profile, I saved him to my favorites and went on with my day. Little did I know that saving his profile would send him an email saying that he had a fan. John responded with a email to me and after I recovered from my surprise, I sent him one back. He responded to mine and ended it with his email address for a more direct contact than through Soulmates and let me know he was interested in continuing to talk. I had not intended on establishing contact with anyone … I was really just looking at profiles as a distraction and out of curiosity. I wrote about this last year here in great detail, but I didn’t say then that after our initial contact on the fifth it took me until the seventh to send him another email.

It took two days of thinking about why I should or shouldn’t be developing something with a man in another country, but ultimately I thought, oh go onit’s not like you’re going to get married or anything.

John likes to think of  the fifth as our anniversary since it was our first meeting … at least through email. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long you’ll know that we have another anniversary coming up next month. I bet most of you won’t need a hint to guess what we’ll be celebrating then.

12 thoughts on “Thoughtful Consideration

  1. so sweet! i don’t make a fuss of our wedding anniversary, but i do make a big deal on the anniversary of us becoming a couple. Somehow it’s more special to me.

  2. Aw, as a relatively new reader of your blog, I’d assumed that you and John had been together for years……I guess that’s just how good you look together.

  3. Congratulations on this very important anniversary!!! Hooray for your technical “shortcomings,” which led to your making the connection!

    I love your reasoning in finally daring to write him back: “It’s not like we’re going to get married or anything!” Ha!

    Similarly, I finally worked up the nerve to call Marco (he had given me his number, and he didn’t have mine, so it was up to me) by reasoning that I had pledged to myself in moving to France that I wasn’t going to just hang out with Americans, and if nothing else, this guy seemed like a fun person who could make a lively friend!

  4. I found your site through PW. I love your photography and your writing! Congratulations on the anniversary of your meeting and your wedding. It gives this 47 single woman hope.

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