Going In Different Directions

We are the boat, we are the sea, I sail in you, you sail in me

~Lorre Wyatt

I wish I lived in a world where people were not so angry and afraid. Lately I have had trouble reading the news or watching it on television. Everyone wants ‘it’ now whatever that signifies for them personally. People in general seem to have no desire to work for change for the greater good if it means sacrificing in any way. Their sense of entitlement supersedes everything else and anyone daring to suggest another way is judged as weak and ineffective.

Additionally, I am sick to death of talk radio figures elevated to positions of minor deities who spew venom into the airwaves to be consumed as a regular diet by sheep-like creatures. People that have been so disappointed in life or by life, that they follow the leader who shouts the loudest down the paths of extreme, thinking somehow that a mob mentality of hate and disrespect will somehow elevate their stature.

It appears I’m not the only one out there who feels this way.  Anniegirl1138 is a writer that I read regularly who has a post well worth reading here and Katherine Dunn, one of my favorite artists had some words here that made me feel more inclined to post what I have been feeling this past week. It appears many of us feel as if we are in the same boat and there is a small comfort in that for me. Reading their words, I feel a bit lifted up in the knowledge that I am not alone, out there in my little boat upon what frequently looks like a sea of inhumanity.

We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr

15 thoughts on “Going In Different Directions

  1. This is a subject I have been thinking about too. I think the best way to feel beter is to go in front and show empathy and compassion to people of any sort. And tell your oppinion about things.

    I have a favourite qoute and it goes like this.

    “We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.”
    //Australian Aboriginal Proverb

  2. I am certainly no Rush fan, but nor am I a fan of anyone who sits far away on either side of the fence. There are liberals who are as opinionated, narrow minded and in-your-face with their views as their conservative opponents. Anyone who uses more adjectives than facts makes me feel uneasy. Sadly, there seems to be very little middleground here in America, I continue to be amazed by how polarized this country is politically.

    I love your quotes, here is another one I like a lot:

    “It is one thing to think that you are on the right path, it is another to think that your’s is the only path.” ~ Paul Coelho.


  3. Speaking out for what you value helps others understand what they value, and why. I hope it also lets you know that others also value what you do.

    I find the idea that I can’t do anything about the deliberate meaness of some self-serving actions in the world, daunting and depressing. But speaking out does do something, and many people speaking out – and holding a longer term view – doth change make. Don’t give up hope…

    I have a little boat (just one) like that attached to a magnet on my fridge. It comes from Penzance.

  4. Aa quotation that I have always liked: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little” – Edmund Burke.

    Its so easy to feel that we can do nothing to make a difference, even when we try very hard. But I truly believe that we do make a difference, even if we don’t see it at the time.

  5. Thank you Elizabeth for speaking out loud what has been in my mind for far too long. I have tried to speak out but raise so little interest that I have basically grown silent. I worry about my grandchildren and how they will survive in a world so tainted by people who feel their way is the only way.

  6. thanks for sharing – it’s really helps to step back and take in another perspective – given me something to really think about —

  7. I have noticed that when one of the political parties here in the U.S. has no constructive ideas to add, they resort to yelling, screaming, and rabble rousing.

    Mass media is a form of entertainment. They are in it for the power and the money. Lots and lots of money. It’s outrageous that people will tune into tabloid ‘news’ programs more often than they will to unbiased honest news programs. But, they do. So, the advertisers pay more money to have their commercials on those programs that will give their products wider exposure. It’s to our disgrace that it’s the tabloid news programs.

    Swaying public opinion is easier than one would suspect. If one person or corporation owns numerous media outlets, it’s fairly easy to manipulate news. Look at William Randolph Hearst. And now Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch was going to support President Obama until his CEO, Robert Ailes, said they could make more money supporting the Republican party.

    If you put the yelling and screaming of the ousted political party together with the manipulated news you get nothing but hate and anger and a public who ashamedly buys into it.

    And the majority remains silent….. except for a few voices like yours.

  8. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed here with a comment. It helps to know others are having some of the feelings that I am. I’m still not sure what to do with them, but I really appreciate hearing how you feel and the respectful way in which you shared it.

  9. Elizabeth, does this craziness live in England to the extent we see it in the U.S.? I have dreams of moving to England (I’ve visited three times over the last 10 years) because I have the impression that overall, people there are more civil to each other. Am I deluded?
    I have followed your blog for a year now–I love your photographs and your thoughtful words. Thank you!

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