One Year Later – A Shelter For My Heart

First wedding anniversaries are traditionally paper, but I have something a bit longer lasting for John than my words here today. Tucked in the corner near the edge of the new addition is a lasting reminder of how grateful I am for the love and life I have with him. It seemed a perfect way to express how I feel and the words that came to mind when he first told me that he wanted to build a space for me, a room of my own to do whatever I wished … a quiet place to find my words and rest.

A shelter for my heart was what I thought that day … he’s building me a shelter for my heart!

As lovely as the idea of a quiet place of creativity and retreat is to me, the reality of how safe I feel in this relationship is even more important. Safe, respected, and well loved … in his gentle way John provides a shelter for my heart everyday, by loving me as I am which is a gift far greater than one built of bricks and stone.

Last July when the rock walls were going up on the exterior of my new studio space, I took a small stone heart that I had found on one of our walks and pressed it into the still wet cement bordering the cornish stone on the extension. I hoped John wouldn’t see it until today so I could use it to illustrate just how much he means to me using this tiny bit of rock as a symbol and marker for our story.

Standing outside yesterday as I took the picture above, I thought about who might see the heart shaped stone years from now and if they would wonder how it came to be placed there. I could almost see them, younger than we are, but full of the hope that comes with new love, happy for the chance to create a story of their own in this space … a place with a permanent heart shaped reminder, that love that once lived here.

If you would like to see some pictures from our wedding day and read a bit more about our love story, I have few links you can follow below. One year ago today, John and I made a very public declaration of a lasting kind. It was a lovely day filled with family and friends and unexpected surprises like this one found here. With no fears and no doubts, we said I will and I do, making legal the commitment we had made earlier while standing here, alone, on a bridge built to last forever.

16 thoughts on “One Year Later – A Shelter For My Heart

  1. Beautiful!
    Yes, truth IS better than fiction. I had seen many of your links before, but really enjoyed looking back today and getting lost in your beautiful love story again. I’m so glad you chose to share it!

    Happy Anniversary! May your journey together go on and on, and may you live happily ever after!

    (What a lovely way to start my day – yours was the first blog, first thing I read today, and I’m sure the best!!)

  2. Congratulations on this day and the many to follow! Love when you work at it gets better every year. Such lovely work too!

  3. Elizabeth Elwyn (just read Tongue in Cheek), that is such a tender post. Happy Anniversary to you and John. I am going to try again to get to all the links as I have been so curious to the romance/love that took you to England and John. Thank you both for sharing and for those beautiful thoughts and words. God Bless you both.

  4. Very, very beautiful, both the pictures and the story. A man that can hold your heart as you describe as you go throygh life together, is a gift beyond almost any other.

    I wish you both happy anniversary, and many years more of growing and sharing the love you have together.

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  6. I’ve read pieces of your love story through this past year, usually through Love Thursday posts. Your story never fails to give me goose bumps of hope of what is out there if we are brave enough to look.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Love Thursday!

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