Remembering The Day We Met – Valentine’s Day 2008

I took this picture last February when John and I were in Paris on our honeymoon and I’ve been saving it for just the right time. Today is the third Valentine’s Day we will spend together and the anniversary of the first time we met face to face.

Yesterday evening, John called out to me from his study and I went in to find him rereading a series of short emails that passed back and forth between us on February 13, 2008. We were emailing each other right until they closed the airplane door, documenting our thoughts and excitement as I was getting on the plane to fly over to meet him for the first time. He’s that kind of man, tender, romantic, and permanently etched on my heart. I am grateful everyday for him and I love how he remembers the details of our romance. Well loved, every day is what I am, but on Valentine’s Day it is especially nice to remember how we began.

If you don’t know our story yet and you’d like to know more, you can read about our first meeting below. After I take him a little breakfast in bed, we’re going back to Bedruthan Steps to recreate that first walk. We didn’t manage a photo the first time, but we took one a year ago and if you come back later you will be able to see a photograph from today’s walk posted underneath the one from last year at the bottom of the page.

Will You Stay With Me, Will You Be My Love

February 14, 2009

Today is the anniversary of the day I first stepped off a plane in England and into John’s arms. We’d spent the previous six weeks first emailing and later talking on Skype so we’d seen each other online for quite some time, but had never touched. Very quickly, I developed a huge crush on the darling Englishman who is now my husband. That we met for the first time in person on Valentine’s Day was more because it suited my work and travel arrangements than by romantic design. Because I had so many frequent flyer miles and a keen interest in seeing John in his own space, I suggested the idea that I come to him. I came with an open mind and a tender heart, but no expectations beyond the idea of getting to know him as only one can when actually in the same physical space.

As I write this, I have just been reminded by John that one year ago today, exactly 30 minutes from now, my plane touched down in a tiny airport in Newquay.  It is a vivid memory for us both and it’s funny now to look back and remember the thoughts and feelings I was having as I walked down the steps of the commuter flight across the tarmac and into his warm embrace that morning.

Any of you who’ve been reading my old blog at ( for long are aware of how this first meeting progressed from friendship and mutual attraction to the sweet ceremony we went through not quite two weeks ago. It seems appropriate to share our buttercup story and why these tiny yellow flowers have such meaning for me now.

When I arrived on that chilly day February 14, John asked me if I felt up to a little walk along the ocean on the coast path at a place called Bedruthan Steps. It was on the way back to the tiny village where he made his home and he was exited to show me a bit of the Cornish coast that he’d been telling me about for weeks. Despite having been too excited to sleep on the plane, I was definitely interested in seeing any of the places I had heard him refer to during the hours of talks we’d had using Skype.

We gradually worked our way back to the village and after putting on wellies we took a walk though a beautiful wood that opened into what I now refer to as the buttercup field. Of course, in February there were no buttercups, but I was intrigued as John described how by May the field would be covered in gold as the buttercups competed  with the constant green of the grassy space. As he told me this I thought how lovely that would be, but it was only after having spent the better part of two weeks with him that I knew with absolute certainty that I needed to come back to this field and stand in the middle of the buttercups that he said would come with the month of May.

Jumping ahead here and skipping over the activities that happened in order to bring me back, I arrived  back in England on May 13th. As I got closer to my travel date, I kept asking John, “ Have the buttercups bloomed yet? “ I was so worried that I would miss them.

Below are some of the images from the day I arrived in May last year. Few things in life are just as we imagine they will be, but this day was special and it was better than I could have imagined.  When I first saw the field of gold, I could almost hear Eva Cassidy’s voice singing in my head providing a romantic soundtrack to accompany the images that filled my eyes.  The song I heard was Fields Of Gold and I now think of this as our song. Take a minute and listen to it here.

I love the part of the song where she sings, ” Will you stay with me, will you be my love…”  These words were embroidered on a special linen tablecloth by my new friend Tina to use on our table for our wedding reception. The flowers you see are the two buttercups I picked that day in May. I tucked them in a pocket on the side of my pants and played in the buttercup field with them where they stayed until we returned  home. I forgot they were there and when I noticed them again, I took them out and pressed them in a book. They dried twined together having fallen into the position that you see in the picture. I took a photograph of them and Tina created a sketch from it and the tablecloth design is a now a lasting memory of the day I came back to John and saw the buttercups for the first time.

I’m off now to climb Bedruthan Steps with John as we go back to the place we walked one year ago today. Today we’ll celebrate old memories and look forward to making new ones…and soon we’ll be walking in fields of gold again.

Bedruthan Steps – February 14, 2009

Bedruthan Steps – February 14, 2010

17 thoughts on “Remembering The Day We Met – Valentine’s Day 2008

  1. this story is so sweet to me and gives me so much hope, elizabeth! i totally get deciding you need to see a field of buttercups in bloom months before–i feel like i run my whole life like that.

    blessings on your love this valentine’s and always.

  2. May you both live long, logn lives, the better to share and give outwards the cherishing love that you have for each other, which shows an often cynical world that tenderness and care is both possible and something to nourish in ourselves and future generations.

  3. I’ve read it before, but I never tire of it – I love your beautiful love story!!!
    Thank you both for so generously sharing it!
    Happy Anniversary – Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. What a lovely story. Isn’t it wonderful to have Valentine’s be your special day?

    Today is our 25th anniversary. We’re celebrating along side you…on the other side of the world! Happy happy!

  5. Elizabeth, thanks for coming by my blog and commenting, so I could find yours and read this beautiful story. It touched even my old, bitter heart. What a beautiful couple your make. Wishing you a lifetime of love with your darling, sweet John.


  6. Ahhhh. wonderful picture of the heart etched tree along the banks of the Seine, on your HONEYMOON no less. Ahhh. Thank you for sharing and God Bless you and John in many attentive joyful years. THat attentiveness is something else….isn’t it? Especially when it comes from the heart of a good man and dearly appreciated by a good woman.

    Aside: the waffles didn’t look bad….they looked tired maybe but what really counts….did they taste good?

  7. Your meeting, wedding and love, lots of love, just always cause a little lump in my throat each time I read the story. Congratulations on your anniversary – you are a special couple sharing your lives in a beautiful place. I remember visiting Bethruthan Steps as a child when I lived ‘next door’ in Devon – beautiful, as is the entire Westcountry coastline. Your photos are gorgeous.

    Now I’m getting homesick for lambs, snowdrops, primroses, daisies, celandines and buttercup fields! I won’t be in Devon this Spring like last but perhaps next year…..hopefully.

    Eva Cassidy – one of the world’s great losses much too soon.


  8. what a beautiful story- I love it! Thanks for sharing- I need to go back and read the love story from the beginning.
    Hope you are doing well- it’s been a very busy, stressful time with work (as you can imagine..)
    Take care-

  9. Please tell me where the buttercup field is – I would love to go there. bedruthan steps is a very special place for me too and I will be there in may – cheers martin

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