Estrogen Overload

For part of last week and much of this one, my husband John found himself surrounded by a houseful of feminine energy. Did he shirk from it … not at all. In fact, I’m not sure I have ever seen him look as content as he did over the last week with both of his daughters and his granddaughter here for the Easter holiday. I snapped this photo quickly from a distance peeking over a bed of flowers while trying to hide behind the tree to the left. I wanted to catch the interaction without being observed, but John caught sight of me just as I clicked the shutter. I am not sure what was happening here, but I think John looks pleasantly overwhelmed by whatever the conversation was at the time.

This was the first time since our wedding that we were all together again and it was good to see them interacting without the stress of our wedding and first time meetings. While I had met his older daughter prior to the wedding, I did not have an opportunity to meet his younger daughter and granddaughter until a few days before.

I really enjoyed the chance to spend more time with them and to ask questions about their childhood to see what they remembered about their dad and the memories they shared growing up. It was interesting to be reminded how different a shared memory can be based on the individual experience.

Speaking of shared experience, our first visitor from America is coming over early next month … can you guess who it might be? Need a hint to narrow the field … our American visitor shares something in common with me besides estrogen.

9 thoughts on “Estrogen Overload

  1. Lord, it’s like I’m looking into a mirror. I, too, am drowning in the estrogen sea. Two daughters and a wife. We even think the fish is female. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest. I’m the rooster in this hen house.

  2. I love the last comment, “I’m the rooster in this hen house.”….that’s probably how John feels, king of the castle, and best of all surrounded by women he loves and who love him, unabashed, mutual adoration….what more could a man ask for?

  3. I’m looking at this picture and thinking, he’s having a great time. Yep, all’s right in his kingdom. “Wothoo doin’ behind that tree, Elizabeth?!” goes in the quote bubble.

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