Moving It Outside When You Feel Stuck

When I am trying to write a story and get stuck in a particular place I find the best and most helpful solution is to take it outside. Lately, I have been mulling over a missing transition piece in a novel that I am trying to transfer from my imagination to the hard drive of my Mac.

Most of it so far as been fairly easy, flowing like a river after a rainstorm, fast and furious leave me no choice but to hang on and see where the momentum wants to carry me. In the last week or so the river has slowed and forked off in several directions leaving me at the mouth of the tributary trying to look far enough ahead to see which branch to follow. My arms are getting tired of rowing in place so I am moving my  ‘office’ outside today to see if I can decide on a direction and get back to some forward motion.

In a few hours, I will be headed to Lanhydrock which never fails to inspire. I’ll be carrying my camera, a notepad, and a thermos full of hot coffee and will hopefully return with a more complete map of the river and sense of direction … story direction that is, because I know where I am going even if my characters don’t.

Here are a few pictures of what today’s office will offer as a workspace taken from a visit last year. If you wish to share tips as to what works for you when you feel stuck, I love to see your thoughts in a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Moving It Outside When You Feel Stuck

  1. I have never thought of being stuck in such a way as you have written…. I have no tips my friend, sorry .

    I have been stuck for years, and I just plod on… sometimes there is a break through and all is well , then the river runs dry.. ! Bit like your character..

    I am “stuck” in lots of areas of my life.. which I can say is not good, and I struggle a lot. lack of confidence is one.

    I am sure you will find the direction you need. 🙂 xx

  2. seems one couldn’t help but be inspired working in an office like that.
    i must visit in the spring – it seems so lush there. Is that the best time to visit? I really do want to make a trip to the area sometime soon. When do you find that it is most beautiful?

  3. Such beauty! I have been reading “The White Garden,” a mystery novel involving Virginia Woolf, so my mind has been in England all week! How I envy you the chance to visit such ancient, lovely places when the mood strikes. When I’m stuck, I too find that it helps to shift gears — do something completely different. If I get out of my head and do something physical — cooking or gardening or bike riding — I come back to the project with fresh eyes. I am also big on taking sabbaticals, long and short, from writing. I used to worry that my work would suffer or I’d lose my edge, but it’s always the opposite.

  4. ACK! what are you doing to me here?! What a gorgeous change in scenery…lucky duck. YOu and Corey of Provence kill me with the natural and architectural beauty all around you. About being stuck. No idea. But a change in scenery, especially Lanhydrock should help. Enjoy.

  5. Wow! How gorgeous.

    If you’re stuck at a fork, wander down both paths and see what you find. You may be surprised. After all, that’s why God created “delete” buttons.

    Good luck, my friend.

  6. I hope your day out was peaceful, enjoyable and a catalyst for the next step you seek in your writing.

    I change gears and find my way out of stuckness by talking to my friend C, or by sitting and watching teh sea, sometimes getting absolutley freezing! The wind blows out the cobwebs, and somehow, things are better placed afterwards. My mind is clearer, and I can begin again.

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