Get The Handcuffs Out – I’ve Been A Bad Girl

On the morning of the London Marathon, John and I stopped by a Burger King at the Waterloo train station for a coffee and a little breakfast sandwich. I grabbed some napkins like I always do especially when I think it might be a messy meal and went upstairs where we found a table with a great view of the station.  At one point during breakfast I happened to glance across the room to see the sign below hanging all big and bold on the wall right in front of me.

After a read through, I looked at the table where I had dropped the napkins when we sat down.

Taking a quick count, I had nine on the table and I thought … whew, not as bad as all that until I looked down in my lap to see napkin number ten.

7 thoughts on “Get The Handcuffs Out – I’ve Been A Bad Girl

  1. 10 napkins / 2 people = 5 – Justin Case.

    Of course, if John grabbed his own, then it might be an issue. But for our family, the kids never do, and sometimes the wife doesn’t think about it, so if I’m out with the family, I automatically grab 10-12 for the 5 of us.

  2. You know I travel and come away with lots of pics of everyone else in my family (sans moi) in front of such-n-such historical site but I seem to forget all the quirky things that we would encounter each day. Like the various tourists Loos in London that are “awarded”, the traffic sign in Bath that warns drivers to be on the alert for elderly crossing with the image of two hunched characters walking with a walker and cane. This BK sign is quite cheeky. And I would have to be cuffed with you in regards to this habit. I will never forget my first encounter with European economy with paper goods: when as a college student I was going through the lunch line at the Cite Universitaire cafeteria in Paris and absentmindedly grabbed a gob of napkins that were at the register and the lady minding the till quickly slapped/tapped my had, and shook her finger with a “tut-tut-tut” and telling me I could only take two. Quite sheepishly I returned the all too healthy pile and never committed that crime again.

  3. A true writer, you get a cute story from a sign.

    My ‘to go’ bags often have too many napkins in them, so I do feel like a napkin thief, even if I am not the person who put them there.
    On the other hand, having those extra in the car, or on the counter in the kitchen, is nice for little wipe jobs, then I can toss it without reservation.

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