Almost Time To Go

It can’t really be possible that it’s almost time for her to go … didn’t we just pick her up at the airport the other day? I still have a million things I want to show her and things I want to say. I know I’ll see her in July when I go back to Georgia for a few weeks, but I want to teach her how to make pasties while she’s here and have time for her to teach me how to knit again while sitting side by side in my studio space. I want to see her feeding the wild ponies too many sugar cubes on Bodmin Moor and take her picture on Jubilee Rock and Helland Bridge. I want to have enough time to ride bikes along the Camel Trail and walk with her through the buttercup field and show her how magical the bluebells look lining the hills of Lavethan Wood. I just want more time

2 thoughts on “Almost Time To Go

  1. Keep in the moment, as I see and hear you have been doing…and each moment will come to be enjoyed in its turn..

    ..and besides, a week is *far* to short, anyway!!!

  2. From the looks of that volcano ash cloud, you might have a chance to keep her awhile longer after all 🙂

    Just enjoy whatever time you have together.

    You are going to Georgia in July? Heat! Humidity? the things you’ll do for love….

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