A Walk In The Park With Mariellen Romer

Photo Courtesy of Mariellen Romer

Mariellen Romer has been walking the talk. After joining the ” I Left The Corporate Life Club ” a few months ago, she has been following her dreams and they’ve carried her most recently to new locations and experiences in the western part of the United States. If you were to check her out here, you would be able to see an impressive corporate work history, but if you take a moment to see what she’s been working on lately you’ll feel like you’ve been for a walk in the park. Mount Rainier National Park to be specific.

Mariellen has been part of a creative team intent on sharing the benefits in visiting and volunteering for The National Park system. Anyone who has ever been over-stressed knows the good that comes in having a change of scenery or doing a different kind of work even if only on a volunteer basis so give this a thought and take a minute to have a look at what’s happening over at her space. In the videos on her blog today over at A Full Life, Mariellen is talking specifically about Mount Rainier National Park Volunteers, but don’t forget to consider something a little closer to home if you live in a different part of the United States. They will be happy to have the help and I bet you’ll end up feeling like you get back more than you give.

6 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park With Mariellen Romer

  1. Elizabeth, I’m blushing! Thanks for this nice post that really lives up to your one word motto.

    It’s been a fascinating thing as an American living in the UK for most of my life to find my homeland’s natural heritage. No hardship I can tell you, to go to Rainier, Yellowstone and Yosemite in a year. Better late than never to discover them. As a kid living in Wasington DC, my parents used to take us to Rock Creek Park on a regular basis and I recall craning my neck in the planetarium and wandering around, welcoming the cool under the trees.

    Even half a day of someone’s time in the park is welcomed by park staff. There are many wonderful things to do, and interesting people to meet. Go to any national (or state) park site on the web and click “support your park” in the left hand bar, for info on how to volunteer in a park near you.

  2. I was cruising around the class blogs and happily found yours! What an exciting and beautiful life you lead…My husband and I travel currently full time in the States. But we are looking for a place to eventually plunk down some semblance of roots. Who knows when that will be! I am really enjoying Kelly’s class…so much info to digest…but it all seems really helpful. I am a big Jane Austen fan…your little church looks like the sort of place I imagine her father preaching in. Looking forward to getting to know you better, and see where you go from here. Your photography is great…love the one of your husband looking ‘sea-worthy’…

  3. Ah yes, I remember when Mariellen was just setting out on her journey! What a wonderful thing to do for oneself (and for all the rest of us Americans and visitors who benefit from the Parks).


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