Chewing On A Dreamy Idea

This little caterpillar was hard at work yesterday trying to fill its belly in anticipation of the big transformation that comes with growing wings. Thanks to a dream I’ve had for a while that I shared on my Big Bag Of Dreams post along with a inspiring lesson yesterday in Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons, an e-course that I’m taking, I’m chewing on a few transformational ideas of my own.

I be back a bit later when I have a chance to digest it all. I’m pretty excited about what I’m planning and I hope you will be too. * Burp*   Oh, pardon me!

10 thoughts on “Chewing On A Dreamy Idea

  1. Hiya Elizabeth! I loved your comment on my blog the other day. I look forward to meeting you in person whenever I get over to that side of the world.

    Caterpillars are wonderful little miracles. Very inspiring!

  2. Dear Elizabeth, ohhh i am so excited to know what you are cooking up! Looking forward to hear more about your big big transformation! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    I”m looking forward to seeing your latest inspiration and reading about your transformation.

  4. Hey – there you are – in the UK! Found you! I am putting you on my blog roll. I have only just found your blog, but it would be cool to keep in touch. Not sure what you are cooking up but I am mighty keen on creating an art retreat or some such supportive community creative get together. Maybe you are too? xx will be reading…..

  5. Well I just typed a lengthy comment and somehow it disappeared, shoot!

    Wanted to thank you for the kind comments on my Africa posts/pics – they are so appreciated. It was the most awesome trip of my life and I hope to return some day.

    Loved hearing your voice – but you’ve lost some of your Georgia accent, a little Cornish creeping in there perhaps!! The piece you wrote is exquisite and the pic of your daughter experiencing art is perfect.

    Good luck in your new venture Elizabeth – will look forward to details.

    Hugs – Mary (still a Devonshire girl at heart – but with a mixed up (MA and NC) accent!).

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