Kelly Rae Roberts – Taking Control With Flying Lessons

Remember that e-course I mentioned here and what I revealed about myself here, well we are winding down now after five weeks of online lessons with loads of positive information and ” flight plans ” useful in getting a creative idea and business off the ground.

While I picked up some really great ideas and business tips, I think what I enjoyed most was watching how inspired the collective group was and the energy that came through when so many taking the class began implementing big projects right away and sharing them online with each other.

So many of my classmates already had the skill and creative abilities (their shoes, if you will) that helped define them in their roles as artists, but still needed a bit of help in the taking control aspect that is necessary when going from creative artist to someone able to earn a living doing the work they love.

I am in deep in the process of expanding my vision for myself now and over the next few months will be unveiling a few projects of my own as I work out all the nitty-gritty details. The biggest take away for me during this process has been about lifting some of the limitations I tend to put on myself. Although I have long been identified by friends and co-workers as the kind of person who thinks outside the box, I have often limited my own creative movement while encouraging others to reach for something more.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had those lovely red shoes that could have taken her home with just a click had she known the ability she already possessed. I have been thinking lately about what I already know … what each of us know within ourselves about our dreams. I’ve been thinking too about the ways in which we can develop the vision required to take our dreams from being just a possibility to something that actually gets off the ground.

So I have been busy here … working steadily on my ” flight plan ” while opening boxes that have held a few dreams for far too long. What about you … what have you got packed away that feels boxed up so tightly it’s like a memory of what you once dreamed of for yourself?

If it’s direction you need, you might find some inspiration over here today. The topic has to do with a technique that has helped me define mine for years.

It will be worth your time, I promise.

10 thoughts on “Kelly Rae Roberts – Taking Control With Flying Lessons

  1. I always get fascinated by that message that we have so much power if only we knew it. Just like Dorothy in ‘Wizard of Oz’. I really want to discover my power and use it too.

  2. Very very interesting .. I am maybe to scared to discover my power .. .. I also hold back because fear of failing.

    I went over and read Vision and Verb, sharing the story between the lady and her daughter, very touching. I have two sons, but nothing to show who I was before being a mum.. bit sad really, but that is how it goes.. ..

    I also cannot tell them about my dad either (apart from what I know) , as he passed away when I was 10 and no one from the Maltese side left , except a cousin or two.

    To be very honest , I cannot remember dreaming for myself or what I wanted.. until now.. and even then I am not sure .. !

    Oh Yes Direction is certainly what is needed here 🙂 Thanks Elizabeth, you will be flying soon, I am sure!!

  3. I love the red shoe analogy! I have red shoes and you’re right, I have always had the power, but I’m afraid to test the waters. It will take me weeks to re-read the Creative Flight lessons and apply them and get my red shoes wet! ps – I read your comment on the 6.30.10 lesson, I wish I lived in England, Stone Soup sounds fabulous.

  4. I love Wizard of Oz analogies. I use them a lot… and I can do a Wicked Witch laugh that scares my son so bad he has to go in the other room… I am still reading through the Flying lessons, and have not been able to read many of the comments, but clicked on yours and am so glad I did. I really love your writing style. I have over 200 boxes full of old art dreams. I think it is time to let some of them out, and let a lot of them go to make room for new ones… Thanks for the ideas. I feel inspired.

  5. So now you’ve got me so curious as to what your big step and giant leap is going to be. Will be there – I’m sure – right along with you…..flying (I hope)!!!

  6. Thank you for the reminder about mind maps! I’d never heard it called that before, but I’ve done one and it was great.

    I was part of a team of teachers at a week-long camp for college-aged artists and Christians. We prayed about who should give the large group lecture in the morning and they thought it should be me! I was totally freaked out and the main leader suggested I just tell my story. He said I should create a palette of ideas. Start in the middle and have each idea in it’s own area. When talking the next day, just pull from the palette and wing it. I did and the talk went really well.

    I’ve become so linear in my thinking, so list-bound. I hadn’t realized it until watching the mind map video. Thank you!

    (I’m a little excited…)

  7. I really love the whole Dorothy/Red Shoes vision that you presented. I, too, took Flying Lessons. I don’t think I have visited your blog before-it was tough keeping up with all the info in class. I can’t wait to see how you FLY…I also think it was awesome how everyone in class took off with their ideas…good juju (Kelly’s word!!)

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