July 4th – Everything But The Fireworks

We have guests from America here for one more day and we’re off in a few minutes to squeeze as much of Cornwall as we can into their last day. Yesterday was a rocking July 4th for us right down to an end of the evening sing-a-long. I’ll be back later with some funny pictures … (I only took about 300) and some stories to share. I hope your day was as memorable as mine.

If you celebrated the July 4th holiday, I’d love to hear about it and if you’re a blogger and wrote about your day on your site, feel free to leave a link.

* I took the flower shot above yesterday because it made me think of fireworks with all of the bursts of color in the background.

7 thoughts on “July 4th – Everything But The Fireworks

  1. I love the flowers-as-fireworks! We have a very sensitive dog who is totally unhinged by fireworks and firecrackers, so at the moment these are the kind of “fireworks” I prefer. We had a very easy day that ended with animal reassurance. Maybe next year we’ll take the kid to see fireworks (though the fog around here can make that difficult), though then we leave Nora alone . . .

  2. nice flower. we went to church potluck at someone’s home. It was a rather rainy 4th here in the Midwest, but that was okay.

  3. Hey Elizabeth … I am digging your fireworks post … I am so looking forward to info. on your June 2011 Class … I remembered the town n England where I live as a wee girl … it is of course … Mildenhall … I am so excited

  4. I spent it at my daughters. I made PW’s jalapeno thingees and some devilled eggs. Lots of fireworks from all the neighbors, (lots of disposable income!) My daughter made some good potato salad (my recipe ;)) And my s-i-l made steaks. Ended up raining so I left about 9:30. Loved your fireworks flower!

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