Amber Waves Of Grain

American children grow up learning the words to the song, ” America the Beautiful ” and if you’re not familiar with it, this version by Jon Bon Jovi is well worth a listen.

“Amber waves of grain …” is one of the lines in the song and walking up on the fields of gold this weekend immediately brought it to mind. As much as I love living here in Cornwall with John, scenes like this can make me feel a bit homesick for the US. I’ve only seen wheat fields like this while passing through Kansas so it was not the wheat fields that made me homesick, but rather the song of America that came to mind.

I’ve been knackered since our company left Tuesday morning, worthless in terms of writing, but I still have some photographs from our July 4th celebration that I’d like to share tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Amber Waves Of Grain

  1. I drove through California towards Yosemite looking at grain feilds and singing exactly that song in my head. Rule Britannia is more of a marching song, where as America the Beautiful is more lyrical and sweeping. Although in the 6th grade O had an unappreciated music teacher who told us that as far as he could tell, The Star Spangled Banner was likely based on a drinking song – where else would you find a song where the drop between one note and another was an octave…I haven’t found a good argument to refute that yet!

    It makes me homesick too, and I am not sure why becasue most of my growing up was in the UK.

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