Like It Was Yesterday – Sweet Contentment

I scanned this photograph along with some others during my visit home. It was taken almost twenty years ago on a day I remember so well that my heart still aches a bit with the memory of it. It was a peaceful moment where no one said, ‘Smile or Say Cheese,’ but instead allowed the easy comfort of our mother-daughter connection to share itself naturally despite the busyness of a children’s birthday party at McDonald’s.

Miranda looks into the camera with what I remember as an amazing sense of confidence at an age when the biggest challenges to her changing heart’s desire were the parental insecurities of a mom and dad who were frequently conflicted on how to do everything just right.

As for me, I remember the delight and contentment I felt sitting there feeling her little arm against the back of my neck with her hand resting on my shoulder. Most days I can’t remember what I did the day before, but moments like these are so vivid that I feel sure this will be what I’ll remember in the last minutes of my life. Twenty years or yesterday … it is still a sweet memory of contentment.

10 thoughts on “Like It Was Yesterday – Sweet Contentment

  1. Awww. There is a lump in my throat. My Sophia (my 4 year old) melts me when she takes a hold of me as her own little person. What a precious picture.

  2. What a beautiful and happy memory. You’re right. Your daughter does look bold and confident..and quite certain that everything in her little life was going to be absolutely fine.

  3. Lovely post. They do grow up way too fast, I know. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet while you were in town. I totally understand about trying to do everything with everyone in a short space of time, though.

    I started a new blog, just for fun, called Bad Date Stories. Check it out!

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