Day One – Elizabeth Turns Fifty

Infant Elizabeth With Dad

Fifty years ago today I made my way into the world at 2:02 am. Born two weeks before I was due, I was rooted out of the womb early when my mother’s doctor suggested I looked big enough to deliver and as he was going on vacation, an earlier delivery might work better for them both.

The photo above is one of the earliest I have of my newborn self and my dad happens to be holding me. I’ve no time to write this morning as Margaret and I are off to meet up with John for some fun around London, but I did want to say thank you for the sweet birthday comments you’ve left over the last 9 days.

I’ll be back in a day or two after I recover from our London journey with loads more stories and photos. See you then.

21 thoughts on “Day One – Elizabeth Turns Fifty

  1. Happy Birthday Izbob!!! Hope my big sis and my other big sis are having a fantabulous time!! Make it an amazing birthday (cards for both are on the way):)

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. Enjoy your day and sister and London. I owe you an apology for not coming to that dinner. Last minute decision to go on a trip kept me from coming. I had hope to get to meet you.

  3. Happy Big Birthday, Elizabeth!! Glad you are having such a fab time in London, can’t think of a better place to celebrate such an important date! And needless to say, you could have told us it was your 40th and I would have believed you, you look amazing 🙂 Kxo

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!!! Enjoy your time with your sis and hubby. Your a doll for sharing with us while you are enjoying the journey at the same time. I have always intended to journal when I have traveled and have never even done that. AND…you are becoming so English-y in your phrases…”‘loads’ more stories and photos” I love it.

  5. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! What a great photo of you and your Dad. A prize winner. Is that your chin I’m noticing on your dad? Have a great, great day. The best is yet to come!

  6. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear E-liz-a-beth. Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuu. And many more……….Make a wish, close your eyes, Blow out the candles. All 50 of ’em.

    Hope you have the best of days and years ahead.

  7. Just now had a chance to read thru all of your recent posts leading up to your big birthday!! Wishing you a happy one…that it be everything you wish for..and more.

  8. 50 is the new 30. Hope you had a great day! My soon to be 22 year old if off to Africa again during Christmas, so it will be a different kind of Christmas this year. We have decided that rather than spend the money on each other (since Kalen will be off doing something for others) we are going to adopt a family and do Christmas for them. After all, Christmas is a celebration and what better way to celebrate than to do for another?

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