Lesson One – Jersey Girl Talks About The Tooth Fairy


Tooth Fairy Talk

While I am always interested in learning new things, I did think that I had worked out all this tooth fairy business long ago until this morning when Jersey Girl gave me a lesson in what happens when one loses one’s teeth. It seems things are a bit different from what I was told many years ago and I am not sure how such misinformation was passed along to me, but let me share another viewpoint that was the topic of conversation over coffee and juice this morning.

According to Jersey Girl, each person has their very own personal tooth fairy who comes for your teeth while you sleep. If you are curious and have questions for them such as the name of your fairy or where they live, you can leave a note under your pillow next to the envelope holding your tooth and they will write the answers for you to read in the morning.

It turns out that Jersey Girl’s tooth fairy is named Tia while her friend Holly’s fairy goes by the name of Jemima. Annie is another friend who while she does not know her fairy’s name yet, she has been told by her fairy that she lives in the garden near Annie’s house. This name bit is all news to me and I was also surprised to find out that your personal fairy takes care of you and only you until you are no longer losing your teeth. After you have no more teeth to exchange they simply move on to someone new who happens to share your name.

After hearing this news, I wondered if perhaps my tooth fairy might have also been fairy to some more famous children named Elizabeth as in those who grew up to be known as Queen Elizabeth I and II. I wonder too if my fairy might have popped by to collect Elizabeth Taylor’s teeth or any of the women named Elizabeth who preceded me in my family.

One thing they do not have on Jersey (according to JG) or at least in her social circle are the small bags or tooth pouches that we have in the US to put teeth in for the overnight tooth collection and exchange. Armed with this bit of information, I suggested we make one during her visit.

I will be back with photos as our project unfolds and any tips you may have for making tooth fairy purses are certainly welcomed along with a link in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Lesson One – Jersey Girl Talks About The Tooth Fairy

  1. Such a lovely girl, and right there in your kitchen… you Lucky Lady 🙂

    this story of a personal fairy brought to mind the book _GOSSAMER_ by Lois Lowry

    I loved reading it, and also all the girls I loaned it to
    although JG is still under the recommended age for reading alone

  2. JG is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT Elizabeth!! My girls’ fairy was called Misty & she lived in the plumb tree at the end of the garden in our previous house (they were very concerned when we moved house!)
    We didn’t realise that fairies even wrote notes………..until our eldest left a little letter out, asking:
    Where do you live
    What is your name
    What is your ‘best’ colour
    How old are you
    Do you go to Fairy school
    Obviously we were as surprised as you when the replies arrived, we did have to explain that it takes a lot out of a fairy to write, being so small………so we discouraged the ‘pen-pal’ type relationship that Sarah wanted to have & instead went with the ‘leave a couple of questions when you loose a tooth’ type correspondence instead!
    Ours’ all had ‘tooth pots’…….tiny little silver, hinged pots with just enough room for a tooth (they are engraved with their initials…….Christening gifts) The tooth went in the pot & the pot always went on their window cil (sil?) & we opened the vent above the window so the fairy could get in & make her exchange. Sometimes there was fairy dust from her wings, on the window & this caused much excitement 🙂
    Have a lovely, lovely time with your beautiful JG 🙂

  3. Gosh. The tooth fairy used to bring us a dollar ..sometimes it was a book …I feel old!!

    Loving the dust on the window sill, Suzanne!

  4. I was very surprised to learn that in Italy the tooth fairy does not exist. Alas, it’s the TOOTH MOUSE (??!)…s/he only takes away the tooth and leaves money…in our son’s case, it’s 20€ per tooth…I had left 2€ for the first tooth and my husband said that the mouse must have been a stingy mouse and told my son to wait until the next morning, that there would probably be more moolah.. 22€ for the first tooth!

    I would be pulling them out one by one…

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