Hot Steppin It Through New Zealand Thermal Parks

I’m moving quickly this morning before we leave for Wellington and wanted to give you a look at two thermal parks we had a chance to see recently. I wish I had more time to describe it in detail, but time is short so what I say will need to be as well.

If I were to say smelly, scalding, and beautiful in its varied colors and even the barren bits then you would have a pretty good idea of the experience. I forgot to say that there is a strong scent of rotten eggs in the air … overwhelmingly so in places, but worth seeing if you ever get the chance.

The dried surface can look crusty and firm, but can be very thin and dangerous in places. I have included a couple of shots of some who chose to disregard the signs to get a better shot. Although I am not always known for following the rules, on this occasion I did.

5 thoughts on “Hot Steppin It Through New Zealand Thermal Parks

  1. How beautiful. Looks like a mini Yellowstone. Glad you stayed away from the dangerous edge of the thermal features and used your zoom lens. Only bison can safely walk there.

  2. Wai-O-Tapu right? Took the girls a couple of years ago, it was amazing! (and yep, a little smelly, lol) we still have a little video of the geyser.

  3. Yep, reminds me of Yellowstone Park too! So beautiful and of course amazing to see people dressed in summer garb as we are expecting snow here.

    Looks like you are really enjoying your holiday….I’m betting you’ll soon be telling us you’ve bought a little holiday home there! I would!

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