In Memory And Hope

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

I know it’s difficult sometimes to continue to believe that good can win over evil and that by working together like-minded people can create a positive change, but if we allow cynicism and hopelessness free rein in our hearts and minds then the efforts of many are wasted.

There are times when it’s a struggle for me to walk in the light. On those days I try to remember what my friend Carla said to me back in 2008. I wrote about it on my first blog and you can read about it here.

Update: I had to come back and add a link to my friend Benjamin Wagner’s blog. He’s written a powerful post titled, ” Sing With New Meaning “ that I promise you will not regret taking a moment to read.


4 thoughts on “In Memory And Hope

  1. You tied love together in three holidays. Your Christmas post held (in my mind) a valentine love and you posted it for MLK day. Very nice. Then I realized we have agape love at Christmas, philia love for MLK day and eros love on Valentine’s day.

    Rather makes the winter days a little less bleak.

  2. Oh man, somedays it feels so hard it crushes me. I do become cynical, if not hopeless. Sometimes it feels like we are lost in a sea of banal stupidity, and no one is paying attention to the real issues of the world.
    This is a day to remember to keep going. Not to give up, or give up on all the work of those to keep getting hands dirty or beating the drum.
    And it is a day to believe we can all be better than we are.

    Thanks for this and the link.


  3. May hope be in our hearts – and kindness in our deeds. And in our words, may there be gentleness, compassion and understanding.

    Let us laugh with our whole selves warm with our telling. May those we meet feel welcome and whole.

    Let peace begin with each of us.

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