The 2011 Bloggies – Who Do You Think You Are


What's Really Inside

What my title should really say is, ” Who do I think you are? ”

I’ve just spent the last few minutes choosing my nominations for the 2100 Bloggies which is a weblog award that is decided by peer and reader selection. First you nominate your favorites and then you come back later and vote.

I’ve wanted to vote for those nominated each year in the past, but always seem to miss the deadlines. This year I’ve managed to squeak in at the last minute as they close nominations today at 10:00pm EST.

What I found most difficult was deciding which category best suited my favorite bloggers. I know some of them might be surprised to see where I thought they should be based on how I see their blog contents.

All of this deciding here for one or there for another made me consider once again how we see ourselves versus how others see us. It’s deeper than I want to go today, but I am curious to know if you are a blogger, which category might you see yourself in if you were asked to define where you fit.

If you’re curious, take a look at the 2011 Bloggies Award website and then come back and leave us a comment about what blog category you might fit into. I had trouble defining my own blog after seeing the categories and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. It might explain why I hesitate when people ask me what I blog about. Perhaps next year they might have a new category called Hodgepodge where blogs like mine would feel at home.

While I did not have someone for each category, I did get to put forward some bloggers I really enjoy. They don’t expect you to fill in all the blanks, but they do require that you choose at least three.

Fingers crossed, I’ll see some of my top picks when nominations are over and the final votes are counted.

Remember Nominations close today, January 16, at 10:00 PM EST (UTC-5) if you have someone you think is a winner.

February 1, Finalists are announced and voting reopens to all to choose the winners.

February 20 voting closes at 10:00 PM EST

February 27 8:00 PM EST – Winners Announced!

You won’t get rich from a big financial payout as the Weblog of the Year only receives a prize of 2,011 US cents (US$20.11), but you will feel the love which is more important than money anyway … right?

Don’t forget, have a look here and then come back and tell us who you think you are.

6 thoughts on “The 2011 Bloggies – Who Do You Think You Are

  1. New blog, maybe? I started in May 2010.
    Or “best writing”? **blushes at her own boastfulness** But a friend of mine whom I told about this contest a few minutes ago said, “Writing is something you do better than most other bloggers.” I chose to believe this rather than punish myself for being stuck-up. 🙂
    Come clean, everyone: Did you nominate yourselves? Or ask readers to nominate you? Since I’m just finding out about this contest now, on the last day, that wouldn’t exactly work…
    **feels vaguely ashamed of herself while knowing that some bloggers probably DID ask readers to nominate them**

  2. Can Open Heart be a category? Seems we have a of blogs that focus on opening their hearts. I have been lurking for a while, but I didn’t miss a post on your fabulous trip…just went quiet for a while with commenting. Hope your New Year has a great set of wings ready for flight…

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