Shades Of Cornish Grey


This is my third winter in Cornwall and while we get more sun than many places in the UK, some would complain about the amount of grey days during the coldest months. Grey can seem fairly bland when compared to colors like red or yellow, but with shades of blue and lavender like you see below, I believe I can ‘ tolerate ‘ what I like to think of as shades of Cornish grey.

This part of the moor is very close to our house with only a short walk through the lanes before you leave the road to cross on foot. There are roads that go across the moor in places, so you can drive, but not in this spot and it’s one of my favorite places to go locally, second only to the buttercup field and Lavethan Wood.

We’ve got wild moorland ponies here who don’t always act like they’re wild. These three were happy to come closer to say hello to me. I’ve been known to carry sugar cubes in my pocket so perhaps they’ve heard about me through the PNN. (Pony News Network)

I took this from a favorite spot on the moor as the sun was going in for the day. If you click to enlarge it, you can see the wind turbines on the hill. Most people don’t like the way they look, but they are so far from us that I barely notice them. In fact, the telephoto on my Canon G11 had trouble with the distance so it’s not the best image quality. They do give a more modern look to a landscape that most days looks like a movie set from another time period so I can see why people might be put off by them.

9 thoughts on “Shades Of Cornish Grey

  1. Absolutely stunning! Ah, so very beautiful and wonderful photos – love the composition of the pony one 🙂

    As for wind turbines – I can understand folk not being keen, but renewable energy has to be the way of the future and I look at them in wonder that the miracle of nature can supply our hungry power needs in such a clean way.

  2. The ponies are beautiful, as is the landscape. I was thinking about you yesterday regarding your amazing love story. Here is to happy writing and creativity! I am making some big changes regarding my business and how much time I intend to spend on it this year and your writing post with the photo of your books struck a chord.

  3. Hmm. Call me a party pooper if you will, but I’m looking at sage and dark moss greens, steel blues, rust browns, blush pink and a tad of I-could do-with a little-bit-of-a-bath off -white to cream…wassis wid da grey, kimosabe??

  4. It’s so beautiful and yes, it is a little jarring to see the wind turbines in this setting, but a better source of energy than our damn oil dependency.

    I love that you have wild ponies practically right outside your door!

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