Traveling Light To London – Packing The Essentials

London Skyline From The London Eye

This Monday I will be traveling by train to London to spend a view days with my friend David who came for a visit last summer with his partner Steven. He invites me to join him every time he comes London and I’ve not been able to before now. To get in the mood for my temporary transition from a country mouse to a city one, I’m posting a few pictures from my last trip to London.

These were taken last September when my sister came to visit and John joined us in London for my big birthday. I loved his present of a Canon G11 which is able to isolate accent colors when you shoot in black and white mode. This camera is definitely one of the essentials I’m packing for my trip.

This is another shot from the London Eye. If you want to get a look at London from the air, this is well worth the cost of the ride.

Artists like the one you see here, always amaze me.

Be sure you double-click on this picture to see the man on the pier. I didn’t see him when I took the photograph, but thought he added something to it when I saw him later while editing the image.

This shot reminded me a bit of photographs I’ve seen of Venice even though it’s the Thames and that’s not a gondola.

This is the bag I am taking for a three-day trip. It’s actually an old leather briefcase-handbag I used to use for work. Even though I’m pretty good at packing light, this maybe an interesting challenge as it’s not very big and a bit narrow. I’ll let you know once I get it packed.

5 thoughts on “Traveling Light To London – Packing The Essentials

  1. Packing light is my goal, always. Not only do I hate paying to check a bag, I hate giving them the chance to lose my stuff.
    I’ll be heading for the U.K. for three weeks with one carry-on. Here’s hoping.

  2. Wow, I’ll be very impressed if you manage to get everything into that bag. What if you buy something in London? I guess you can always carry another one 🙂 Love those photos. To me, London always has this ethereal, slightly melancholic and filled-with-history kind of quality and you have captured that nicely here. Plus, I never tired of photos of one of my favorite cities on this planet 🙂

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