Taking The Slow Train To London

Okay, so it’s not really all that slow and I don’t mind at all because my ticket price (bought in advance) was a great deal, and I’m seated at a table with a power source for my computer. I’m taking the little netbook with me that John and I carried all over New Zealand so I can get some writing done while I’m riding.

It will be my first train trip alone since moving to the UK, but I expect it to go smoothly. We’re about four hours by car from London and the slow train takes about the same amount of time when you factor in a few stops along the way. There’s an express train if you are in a hurry, but I’ll be there in time for lunch and that’s good enough for my pocketbook.

My imagination tends to go wild when I ride the train thinking about all the people who have traveled the rails before me. One of the bloggers I read did a few posts on traveling by train in the 1940’s and has some photographs that you may find as interesting as I did if you’d care to make the trip over to her place here. She’s an American like me, who fell in love with a man far from home and now lives in the UK.

I’m off to London this morning to spend a few days with David, my dear friend and former next door neighbor. You may remember he came to visit for a few days last summer with his partner Steven. David takes amazing photographs so I’m sure it will be one big photo shoot for the two of us. I never feel as if I’ve had enough time with him since leaving Atlanta and I’m looking forward to long conversations and adding to a memory box that already has some sweet memories of good times together.



11 thoughts on “Taking The Slow Train To London

  1. Hope you’re having a wonderful time! I always like when I have time to visit your blog. Your combination of photos and the warm tone of your writing help me to feel like I’ve taken a mini-vacation to Cornwall each time.

  2. Hope London was full of fun and I just know you enjoyed being with a dear friend. Bet your journey was scenic as the fields must be green by now. As a child I took the old, slow, steam trains to London from Torquay through Exeter – love that section along the sea and river Exe, through the red sandstone cliff tunnels between Teignmouth and Exmouth. Just read how the seawall there is in jeopardy from the years of crashing surf.

    I’m heading to San Francisco next weekend to spend a rollicking few days with my best friend of 48 years – the one who took me to Africa last year! She has a busy schedule planned for us – watch the blog as I may just have a big surprise to share, IF the weather co-operates next Sunday!

    Happy travels – always fun, but nice to get home again of course!
    Did you really just pack that one small bag – I need lessons from you as I always want to take too much, including the kitchen sink – almost!

  3. they had a tower power on the train?! gosh that is so high tech. i’ve rode our dart rail train here in dallas just few times and always intend to use it more. if i could find a tower power i might be fully convinced!!

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