To London And Back Again

Remember when I said I was taking the slow train to London to see my friend David earlier this week … well I’m back. I actually came home three days ago, but I’ve been working so hard on a new project that I am just now getting back to my blog to share some of the photos from my trip.

David met me at Paddington Station and after dropping my one little bag at the hotel we began our walk around London.

London’s City Hall is the lopsided looking building above.

I can never get enough photographs of Tower Bridge, especially at night.

I took this shot of David photographing the Tower of London. I like the way he’s right where the walls come together to make a triangle.

After taking about 20 photos trying to get catch the cupid at Piccadilly Circus, I gave up and decided that this one would have to do.

This is the Sofitel St James where my friend David graciously shared his suite which was named after the first actor to receive a knighthood, Henry Irving.

This shot of Trafalgar Square is a little different and you can see Big Ben in the background to the right.

David is in the background of this photo looking as if he can’t decide what to have for brunch. I went straight to my favorite area, the dessert table. Despite wanting a little nibble of everything, I went with an apple muffin with big apple chunks. That means I can count it as fruit … right?

I was attracted to this statue because of the bird on the shoulder and the shadow it cast. I was glad I took the photo as it gave me a chance to see what Edith Cavell did with her life. Take a look if you have a minute.

The cafe in the crypt at St Martin-in-the-Fields.

I was a little shocked to see the trash behind The Queen’s guards near St James Park.

I love this view of the London Eye from St James Park.

Someone was passing out peanuts to the squirrels in the park and the one below got a bit close thinking I had a nut for him.

This was taken at Roast, a restaurant David took me to for a yummy late lunch.

This was my lunch of mashed potatoes, applesauce, and pork belly. Mmm!

We were on our way to the theatre where we had a date with some red shoes when I snapped this one.

This was a fish stall in an open air market. It was pretty fishy even in the open air.

We had dinner of dim sum a this beautiful restaurant before making our way to the theatre. We were off to see The Wizard!

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest show was in its second night of previews … does it look familiar to anyone?

This was the last bit of my trip home. I had to change trains at Plymouth and when I got on I found an unusual non-paying rider in the seat across from me.

19 thoughts on “To London And Back Again

    • Donna ~ I added a bit more info to clarify which show we saw. I didn’t want you to go back later, see the changes and have a head slapping moment where you would end up thinking,
      ‘ How could I have missed that! ‘ It was not very clear before and thanks for letting me know so I could fix it.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful friends’ weekend with lots to see and do (and taste!). I loved David’s comment on your last post. It’s SO important to have time to connect with our longtime friends. So glad you were able to do this!!

    • Kim ~ David pampered me like you would not believe. I would have been happy to see him anywhere, but what a delight it was to experience London his way. I remain most grateful of course, for his gift of friendship and it was wonderful to have long bits of interrupted time with him.

  2. OK, now I feel like I’ve been to London, too!

    Did the menu list “pork belly”? “Cause I love pork but that would’ve turned me right off. Any meat description that mentions anything even remotely organ-like, and I’m outta there. I don’t care if it says “pure Godiva chocolate, kidney-shaped” that’s it, I can’t touch it. I think in another life I was a vegetarian. Now I live with a carnivore…

    • Dee ~ It actually did say pork belly and while I like to pretend my food (especially meats) come from a garden patch, I did order it after David told me how delicious it was when he’d had it. I can’t tell you how glad I was that I pushed past the name thing.

  3. A fantastic few days with a wonderful friend . Yes so great to have kept this friendship going, and has Kim said Time to connect is important.

    Belly Pork is soooo tasty if cooked right .. one of my favs but not had it for a long time,,

  4. What fantastic images!! Especially love the new city hall juxtaposed against what I assume is London Bridge. You took me right along with you for this trip. Wonderful..and looking forward to that new project – :-)!!!!

  5. Wow. I’m in heaven projecting myself into the photos to experience scenes I’ll probably never get a chance to experience in real life. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  6. Gosh…that Photo tour was gorgeous. I loved that not only London was showcased so perfectly but, oh my, Elizabeth, the light you captured was awesome. The evening light and the morning light made me gasp. I have seen typically bustling London bask romantically in both those lights and soften it and you have captured it exactly. So glad you had the great time with you friend. Thanks to David and you for sharing.

  7. Wow! Lovely pics. Love the dog on the train! My dog would never sit so quietly (but is it legal there to take non-working dogs on the train?)

    Andrew Lloyd Weber has done the Wizard of Oz? Have you seen Wicked? I’d be interested in a comparison of the two.

  8. Thanks for the great photos taken around London – a beautiful city full of history if one knows where to go! I used to spend days just walking and taking in everything – ahh, to be young again and enjoy it on foot, Glad you had a wonderful friend to share your wanderings…..and good food. Yes, England is not full of badly cooked meals as many people think, right?

    I’m off to San Francisco this week – not much walking, but hope to share views from a new and exciting perspective!

    Hope you and John enjoyed a LOVEly Valentines’ Day.

  9. Love your wonderful pictures. We should always spend time with friends when able. Took a 2 week trip with my 3 friends/sisters in Oct. The oldest now has been dx with Alzheimers and stage 4 lung and brain cancer. So thankful for the time we had to share love and laughs as only you can with old friends. We grew up next door and have been family for almost 60 years. Soon you will see someone from Austin viewing your blog and one less from southern Indiana! I enjoy your pictures and writing so much!

  10. Your pictures are just gorgeous! Love love love the one with the bird on the shoulder of the statue. Also, is the side of that building really painted lavender?

    I have a question for you. Do you ever sell your photos (as in the digital image)? Well, if you ever happen to go to Scotland and wander around pubs (inside and out), castles, etc…I would love to be able to buy some of your digital images. I am having my basement finished in about a year or so and want to have a Scottish pub theme. I am half-Scottish (my mom was born and raised in Edinburgh) and my parents go there about twice a year, but my Dad can’t seem to take a good picture (something about not going above 100 KB). =) Anyway, if you happen to go to Scotland and would sell some images (so that I can have pictures made into enlarged canvas and metal prints), that would be great!

  11. I’m glad you all enjoyed the walk around London. Its a beautiful city and a delight to photograph.

    OTRgirl ~ John said dogs (even non-working) are allowed on the train, but they are not supposed to sit on the seat like the one in my photograph. I haven’t seen Wicked, but based on the music, I would like to see it sometime.

    Mary Sullivan ~ I’ll be interested to see your San Francisco pics. I always find so much there that is visually interesting.

    Rita ~ My online friend from Evansville, 🙂 I am sorry to hear about the health changes in your friend/sister ( ? ) and so glad you had a chance to travel with them in the past. I hope the move goes well and I will look for you in Austin. I think you may well be my only Evansville reader and thanks again for changing that memory for me. It was huge and healing! (If you are a new reader and have no idea what I am referring to, you can go here to read about it.)

    Wendy ~ I do go to Scotland and the Scottish Highlands are one of my favorite places to go. I have loads of photos from there. Plus, John and I will likely go back this summer when the weather is warmer. I’ll have a look at what I have and see if there are any that might work for you. I have some from Edinburgh too.

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