My Tweed Run Dreams Need Wheels To Make It Happen

Internet Photo

Do you remember when I said I wanted the bike above, but my budget wasn’t having it. I still don’t own one yet, but if I did manage to acquire the classic beauty by this time next year, I could dress up and ride in this London event.

If I was really lucky, I might also bump into a celebrity on a bike like Ewan McGregor who happened to be next to the partner of a blogger I read. (There’s picture proof on her blog)

Antonia Cornwell is one of the bloggers I referred to when I wrote a post about swearing. I’m always interested to see what she has to say even if I am a bit shocked at times. She wrote about her experience during the Tweed Run this weekend and it’s well worth reading. Pop over for second and have a look at her photos, you’ll enjoy them. I’ve feel like I’ve seen her daughter grow up online and loved the picture of her pedaling behind her mom.

Even though I joked about possible celebrity sightings next year, I would be over the moon to pedal up along side Antonia and her family. I’d be so excited that I might even shout, “Whoopee!” instead of Antonia. You have to click to find out why …



5 thoughts on “My Tweed Run Dreams Need Wheels To Make It Happen

  1. Whenever I run into any celebrity (and believe me, that very rarely happens) I try to keep to myself. I figure that they don’t want another person drooling all over them and saying ‘I buy all your records’ or whatever. Once, back in the seventies, a girl in my class who idolized the singer Chris De Burgh (successful recording artist) actually bumped into him on a Dublin street and in her joy and to her everlasting embarrassment she did exactly what I described above. The last I heard of that girl, she was performing one of Chris’s classic numbers at someone’s party. That was only a few months ago so I guess she’s a confirmed fan.

    • Maria ~ I want to be sure you know I was joking about meeting celebrities next year, except for Antonia of course. Interestingly, Antonia’s mustached honey didn’t realize there was a celebrity next to him … they were just two blokes talking about bikes. She found a photo of them talking on someone else’s flickr page and it wasn’t until he looked at it that he realized it was Ewan McGregor.

      You do know that if you and I passed in an airport somewhere I’d likely shout your name too. 😉

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