My Tweed Run Dreams Need Wheels To Make It Happen

Internet Photo

Do you remember when I said I wanted the bike above, but my budget wasn’t having it. I still don’t own one yet, but if I did manage to acquire the classic beauty by this time next year, I could dress up and ride in this London event.

If I was really lucky, I might also bump into a celebrity on a bike like Ewan McGregor who happened to be next to the partner of a blogger I read. (There’s picture proof on her blog)

Antonia Cornwell is one of the bloggers I referred to when I wrote a post about swearing. I’m always interested to see what she has to say even if I am a bit shocked at times. She wrote about her experience during the Tweed Run this weekend and it’s well worth reading. Pop over for second and have a look at her photos, you’ll enjoy them. I’ve feel like I’ve seen her daughter grow up online and loved the picture of her pedaling behind her mom.

Even though I joked about possible celebrity sightings next year, I would be over the moon to pedal up along side Antonia and her family. I’d be so excited that I might even shout, “Whoopee!” instead of Antonia. You have to click to find out why …



Revealing Almost All

I spent my early years in what my therapist would later refer to as a war zone. My armor, my exoskeleton, and my daily protection, was found inside the pages of books, some of which sit on the shelves you see. As a child I disappeared almost completely into the stories and lives of characters who for better or worse, lived a life I wished to be a part of as they seemed more desirable than the one I struggled through. Although my life changed for the better in every way not long after my fourteenth birthday, books have remained constant companions and books in abundance require bookshelves of some sort.

John has created a marvelous space for me and built bookshelves exactly as I wished them to look. Having had built-in bookshelves that were filled to overflowing in four rooms of my Atlanta home, I had to do a big sort through as I could bring only those that mattered most to me when I moved to Cornwall. I gave away piles of books, offering them to friends after boxing up more for my book-loving daughter than she will probably want in the future. The rest I sold or donated before shipping what you see here.

(A view from my desk)

Nothing is placed without thought on my shelves and I wanted to share a closer look in the direction of a few special areas. I am always curious when seeing a friends bookshelves for the first time. Feel free to look around mine if you wish and thanks to all who have shared my enthusiasm and excitement as this space has grown from a garden space in the backyard, to a warm and welcoming work space.