An Update From The Edge

Where do I begin …

Let me first say how moved I have been by the messages of support and encouragement I have received since my last post. I have had weepy moments reading and rereading your kind words and your suggestions as to how I might find some peace have been a great help to me. As I’ve managed to move through panic and a mix of other palpitation inducing emotions, I find I am learning some unexpected lessons in letting go.

I spent time yesterday with two close friends who have been helping me enormously with some of the logistical issues I’m dealing with now. Their kindness, and generosity of time and resources have been such a gift to me and their support has made it possible me to move away from a temporary ‘ Chicken Little ‘ mentality that made me feel a bit crazy last week.

As important as their physical support has been, I also had two separate conversations with them that were illuminating and likely to be life changing. You know how people can say something over and over and you think you’ve heard it, well bless them both for their tenacity and willingness to keep repeating themselves because it finally got through my filter. By filter, I mean the voice in my head that wants to qualify, justify, or explain, instead of considering a different possibility.

This time, I think got it and I’m not sure that would have been possible with being so wide open emotionally from the unrelated issue I alluded to in my previous post.

Despite being in such a scary place of uncertainty last week I am managing well now day by day and doing what I need to wrap things up so I can go home to Cornwall and John. I have had so many offers of help and support so many that I am deliberately not naming names here for fear I might accidentally leave someone out.

To all of you who’ve left me such kind messages, I thank you. You helped me leap to the next place which turned out to be a better one. Not all the issues are resolved here, but I do feel better about what comes next.


22 thoughts on “An Update From The Edge

  1. Hello Elizabeth , so sad to read you are going through some uncertain times right now .. I don’t know you at all .. but can feel the sadness in your writing .. I do hope that whatever it is , gets sorted so you can return to John soon .. Take care xoxo

  2. Hi Elizabeth, just caught up on your last post, very worrying! Hope things are better with you now. See you soon. Yvonne x

  3. Elizabeth, I’m very happy to hear that things are going better. And most happy to hear that you will soon be heading back to Jon and Cornwall. That’s where you belong!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day E. Thank you for all the “mothering” you have given me over the years. And especially thanks for the lovely pictures you took of my family after my mother was diagnosed with cancer. As you know I treasure the memories and pictures of that day. You are one of my blessings.

  5. So great to hear that you’ve found solid ground to walk on. Doesn’t necessarily mean that there are answers or solutions..just that you feel strong and confident enough to take step forward. Best wishes…

  6. I am glad that things have improved since your first post about your difficulties. Sometimes just standing in a different place makes a great difference & it seems you’ve been able to do that metaphorically, at least.

  7. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, and since I don’t, it’s hard to know what to say … except that I do hope it all resolves soon, and that you find the peace you need! Take good care.

  8. ‘Steady as she goes…’ oh drat, that’s Navy. Never mind, I’m sure you get the gist!
    Hugs, Mx

  9. Yeah Elizabeth! You’ll be bobbing to the top pretty soon…already partway there. It’ll make John and home all the sweeter! Diane

  10. Mariellen – I would be impressed if your eye espied Ailsa Craig in that photo. It was taken at Tintagel castle in Cornwall (right Elizabeth?), which is about five hundred miles away 🙂

  11. Thats good news that your feeling better, Remember, Laugh, Love and Live Life to the limits.
    Kind Regards.
    Tony Sanders

  12. Hello Elizabeth, although we don’t know what you are struggling with stay strong and use your wonderful spirit to get you through. As an Australian who married a North American, stresses whilst apart in other countries can be very overwhelming; I know they feel. I believe we are never given anything in life that we cannot handle. Take heart, take care. D

  13. Elizabeth, Not sure whats going on. I know you are in town. If have time and want to give me a call you can. I kinda got behind on reading your blog. Still think about you often.

    Your Friend

  14. Catching up after a busy time. I’m sorry to hear that life has come at you with a curve ball. I’m praying for peace and wisdom for you and those around you. It’s so hard to be far away from your significant other at stressful times. Glad to hear that you’re finding a little light in the tunnel.

    Off topic question: when you say “My House” a few posts earlier, do you still own a house there? Sorry, I’ve got home ownership on the brain.

  15. Just read your last three entries. I am relieved that every one is healthy and that you and John are OK, but will say a prayer for whatever is causing your stress and sadness.

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