And Then There Were Two …

“Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish.”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

There was a happy cause for celebration last Friday when John’s youngest daughter safely delivered a new little Jersey girl. I mention safely, as she was considered high risk and in the end had to have a Caesarean section several weeks before she was due. Both mother and child are doing well although they are still in the hospital.

This is John’s second grandchild and I am sure I’m going to love spoiling her just as much as the original Jersey Girl. As JG’s seventh birthday approaches it will be interesting to see her navigate the change involved in going from an only child to an older sister. Being the eldest of four girls, I may be a resource for her ‘older sister’ questions as well as retaining my role as the ‘chief fun planner’ of future stays at Bapa’s & E’s house in Cornwall.

I only have the one photo, but I’ll pop in more when I receive them. I’m struggling a bit with what to call this new little one when I write about her here. It may get a bit complicated … any suggestions for what to call the youngest Jersey girl?

14 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two …

  1. Congratulations to the family on the arrival of Jersey Girl2. Praise God for her health and for mom’s. (continued prayers for you.)

  2. Congratulations to all the family .. God bless everyone .. She looks big lying in her cot . And thank you the lord for the safe arrival . Is she not your grandaughter too? I am not sure what to call her though. xo

    • Anne ~ I ‘d sure like for her to grow up thinking of me as another grandmother … in addition to her biological ones. 🙂

      She is a big looking baby to me too. John said she was 6 lbs 13 oz.

  3. Love is such a covering and I am sure she will only see you as her grandmother. Happy blessings to the whole family and how wonderful mom and JG2 are in such good health.

  4. Two of my granddaughters who are sisters are 6-1/2 years apart and have their moments, but do get along well most of the time. They are now 24 and 18 and admit their love and admiration for each other on Facebook.

    The only nicknames I can come up with are Jersey and Jersey Jr. or Jersey and Jersette.

  5. Hi Elizabeth .. well my hubby is my sons step father and he is Grandad to all the grandchildren .. that is what he is called .. Grandad Arni . and his nickname by them is “Grumpy Grandad”… not that he is alway grumpy, but just so tired when he sees them, which is normally on his return from a stressful time away with Formula 1 .. ha ha , and the name has stuck , ha ha .

    The baby looks a lot bigger than 6lb 13oz, could be the photo ,but all my grandchildren have been from just under 9lbs to 9lb 8oz or more , cannot remember. but heck she looks the around the 8lb mark, …. not saying that John is wrong LOL …

    My sons were born 8 years apart and they get on brilliantly ..:-)
    yes I am sure you will be thought of another grandmother , that is the way I think it should be xx

  6. I’m thinking that one can never have too many grandmothers, if they are different and fun and love you. As for a name, hmmm. My mind is drawing a blank. Maybe, since she arrived in May, Mayflower?

  7. I’ve seen her and she is lovely (Her mother looks pretty good too)
    Official weight at birth – 3.08 Kg
    That’s 6lb 12.64oz.

  8. she looks so plump and healthy. a really beautiful newborn. I’m so happy for your bit of good news.
    thanks for your comment today on my blog. i will print off some pdfs and pass them around. it’s a wonderful house.

  9. She looks gorgeous! I’m glad all is well and that John got to say hello to the new addition. Seems like she deserves her own non-Jersey Girl name, but I’m having trouble thinking of one. Can you do something that is a spin on her name?

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