Hidcote – A Birthday Stroll Through One Man’s Garden

I often wish that my step-mom Cullene could be by my side as I explore new places during my travels with John. She’s content to travel less these days although you would never guess it based on what she manages to accomplish while out helping others.

We had a chance to talk about all the places we would go if I could persuade her to cross the ocean just one more time, but she feels the need to stay closer to home. She gives so much of herself to those around her and both family and friends are the recipients of her loving attention, but it does leave her with less time for herself.

Today is her birthday and without giving away her age (not that she’d likely care) I am glad to note that this is the 39th birthday I’ve had the privilege of sharing with her even if from a distance. I wish I could be there to make this day special for her or even better if she could be here with me. I’m stealing a bit from the children’s book author, Dr Seuss, ” Oh, the places we would go … ” in order to tempt her.

I left her a gift that will be appropriate for the photos in the birthday post today, but I misplaced the card and did not realize it until it was too late so I’m hoping that this post will act as a substitute for a more traditional birthday card. It is sent with great love and a not so subtle hope of enticing her over when the time is right for her to fly again.

Happy Birthday, Cullene.

You can go here to read about Lawrence Johnston who was often described as a ” self-taught gardener ” and spent much of his life creating the gardens at Hidcote. (Click to enlarge photos)

Can you guess where Cullene might use the birthday gift I left for her?

14 thoughts on “Hidcote – A Birthday Stroll Through One Man’s Garden

  1. Beautiful shots. You are enticing me to visit that part of the world. Curious about the 4th picture down. In the building in the background, where were the steps leading you? That is an oddly place “porch”. Do you know the history of that building?

  2. @ Lauren ~ It is a gorgeous part of the world no doubt. Hidcote is northeast of Cornwall by 200 miles. It’s in what is know as the Cotwolds, South Midlands. I don’t want you to think Cornwall is the only pretty place in the UK, but it certainly is one of the loveliest. The fourth photo is the landing (patio) right outside the doorway in shot (# 2) and you can see the door to the left in shot number 4. Is it the building with the bell the one you’re asking about? I can’t find anything online about it, but John and I think it might have been a chapel.

  3. Thanks again for giving me more reasons to travel! I love the look of Hidcote. Seems like I could get lost for hours there wandering, breathing, taking photos, etc. Beautiful!

  4. The first post I read on your blog was a post about Cullene. I was very touched by the feelings expressed. I do hope she can join you for a visit sometime.

  5. OK, OK! I’ll buy a ticket! Oh, wait, I’m not Cullene. If those don’t persuade her…

    Seriously, gorgeous pictures and a wonderful tribute/gift.

  6. I hope this entices her! Happy Birthday to your s-mother. I loved England and only saw your part of it for a day. I need to make another trip.

  7. Happy Birthday Cullene! (Although I’m late to the party, I still wish her the best!)

    I’m guessing her gift can be used in the garden . . .

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