Destruction, Intimidation, & Theft – Raising Kids Who Riot

Unless you are without access to news media, you know that parts of England have been dealing with riots for the last three days. I can’t imagine the fear of seeing such lawlessness in the community you call home. Watching as looters destroy the shop where you stop for coffee or a newsstand run by a sweet old couple who’ve worked there seven days a week for as long as you can remember must feel as if you’ve been dropped on to a movie set.

The Sydney Morning Herald has some excellent photo coverage as does the BBC News site. In fact, there are sadly loads of photos online documenting the destruction.

The reports say that most of the rioters and looters are teens which makes one have to ask … where are the parents in all of this?

More importantly, I wonder what you would do if you recognized your child with stolen property in their hands or saw an image of them vandalizing a car or building.


I wanted to add some photos shot by a friend. Amyra Bunyard  lives in London and was essentially trapped during the riots that took over her neighborhood last night. I stayed up very late watching her updates on Facebook and asked if I might include some of her photographs today. She took most of these from her apartment building and more from the street when she felt safe enough to venture outside later.

London Riots, Peckham - Photo by Amyra Bunyard

London Riots, Peckham - Photo by Amyra Bunyard

London Riots, Peckham - Photo by Amyra Bunyard

London Riots, Peckham - Photo by Amyra Bunyard

London Riots, Peckham - Photo by Amyra Bunyard

7 thoughts on “Destruction, Intimidation, & Theft – Raising Kids Who Riot

  1. Not a good day in Britain I am afraid. Unfortunately there has always been a minority of law breakers, who take the opportunity to jump onto band wagons, we saw it here in the late eighties, early nineties. There is a feeling of frustration with the establishment, and I think what happens is the anarchists take the opportunity to stir up the unrest amongst the youngest in our society. Its understandable that alot of inner city youth are upset, they have been disenfranchised, and now they are being fed lies and exaggerations which fuel anger. Lots of the parents of the youngest involved are disenfranchised, and hopeless themselves. I think Britain has to accept that it needs some TLC. The general public work hard, and tirelessly, and unfortunately they have seen too much hypocrisy and corruption amongst the rule makers and the upholders of the system. We need to see accountability for past mistakes, and put proper legislation and regulation across the economic systems. The wealthy want to hang on to their wealth, but in doing so, alienate the people who are making it for them. It defies belief how little most of us know about the disproportionate way power is held and used. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge, and then react in a democratic way to change things. Britain traditionally reacts slowly, and these flashpoints are just that, flashpoints. You will see this being brought under control, but underneath there is a cauldron slowly on the boil.

  2. amonikabyanyuvva’s comments made me realize how close to the boiling point things are all over the world. Perhaps this is just a symptom of things to come. I know that something is going to have to give here in the US, after the failure of the government to stand up against the Rich and insane.

    It is all very scary,

  3. My heart goes out to Britain and my British friends. We in the U.S. are under the same wealth inequality conditions and corruption in government. I’ve seen many U.S. cities under these same type of riot conditions over the years and fear it could and likely will happen again.

  4. They can blame who they like, but in the end they made a choice, once that choice has been taken, they have already abused somebody’s rights, there for, if caught, there own rights should then belong to the persons abused. The problem is, that they have done away with moral discipline over the years with their political correctness social policies, If they, the people doing this, have such a problem with authority, because they say they have been let down, then why dont they target the places of the people in power, instead of their very own neighbors. They always hurt the ones they love.

  5. I did hear about some parents who, seeing a picture of their son in the paper, were disgusted and marched him straight down to the police station. He’d only stolen chewing gum but it was enough to get him caught on CCTV.
    It’s so annoying! I really think young people like me could get a GOOD name for ourselves … and then they go off and do this. I mean, at least the student protests were for a reason, this is just people getting caught up in the moment, you know?

  6. I think I should say at this point, that not all young people are bad, some just get caught up and dragged along.
    These are a minority, most youngsters are great, and really put them selves out for the community they live in.
    Lets not tar them all with the same brush.

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