A Perfect Day For Riding

Dora Takes A Break As Elizabeth Takes Her Picture

While I played with the color on the image of Dora, we had such a gorgeous day yesterday that my photos really didn’t need any tweaking. John and I went out to explore a new area we’d not been through and I couldn’t pass the stile without posing Dora next to it for a few quick photos.

There were a lot more hills it seemed on this ride and I caught this one of John coming up one very long, long, forever without end seeming, hill.

This was just one view that waited near the top. Notice I said, near the top.

I shot this from my bike on the way home. John and I’ve walked right through the grounds before, as a public footpath goes through it.

The horses saw me coming, but were not bothered enough to move. I was shooting in motion while riding Dora. Thank goodness the car below gave me wide berth. The driver probably was thinking …” Tourists! ”

The horses did feel obliged to move over for the car and driver.

This little beauty was very friendly and not scared at all.

3 thoughts on “A Perfect Day For Riding

  1. I Love these shots, my wife and I would love to live in Cornwall, and we took some great shots of the pony’s on Bodmin Moor
    the other year. We went as far as Wells and Glastonbury this year, and I hope to nip down there again soon to see an old navy pal.

  2. Love the village dog show and then the road side ponies. You’re reinforcing every stereotype I have of Cornwall! It sounds idyllic. It makes me happy that you are enjoying Dora so thoroughly.

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