What I Missed Today

Mist hanging over the Camel Valley 25 Oct 2011 - John Winchurch

John went out for a short walk a little while ago and I stayed in because I have to be somewhere in a few minutes and I thought it might rain.

I wanted you to see what I missed because I was worried my hair might get wet.

What a waste!

I could have gone with wet hair or taken a minute to blow it dry, but I opted to skip the walk instead. In the future, I must remember there’s always more than one option.


8 thoughts on “What I Missed Today

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  2. Your story reminds me of my sculptor brother, who always figured, at least as a young man, that he missed out on time doing art by starting a career towards being a vet. I have begged to differ for a long time. His art is full of biological references, animals, fish, and the like,..and some how I doubt that he would have been as educated as a young artist about these as he was as a result of following the route that he did. These days he might agree with me, I must ask him!

    My point here is, that next time or times you see such a beautiful view, it will be all the more valuable because of your understanding of the choices – and an emotion to go with it. Plus, we can see John’s pictures, and he takes a mean photo himself.

    Would you say these are both good things?

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