Coughing, Sleeping, And Glorious Soup Eating

As you can see by my title, my activities have been a bit limited this week. I’ve been fighting a nasty bug that has taken me out of action in a way I’ve not experienced since meeting John and moving to England. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt this bad for so long.

The progression of symptoms has been interesting in the six days since I began to feel ill. In the beginning I felt as if I had one of my blog friend’s big dogs sitting on my chest. That’s how I described to John anyway and it was the first symptom I felt. No cough or even a runny nose, just a heavy feeling of weight on my chest. Everything else came later with the cough being the worst of it.

Being waylaid by a bug can be a time of discovery and now that I think I may be approaching the end of it (I’ve heard this one comes and goes) I can share a couple of things I’ve learned.

John is an excellent caregiver, bless him.

I’ve not had a lingering week-long illness before with him and he has been steadfast in making sure I was taken care of. When you’re used to taking care of yourself it can be difficult to allow someone to care for you. I’ve been learning how to do just that this week as I was too poorly to do much more than cough, complain, and sleep.

Next discovery, the right soup can be lovely anytime when you’re ill, even for breakfast.

I’ve been living on some delicious soup for the last few days. It tasted so good that I imagined it must have loads of fat and calories and once I was feeling a little better, I had a look at the new soup John brought home for me.

Glorious Skinny Soup Photo From Glorious Website.

To my delight, I discovered it was a Skinny Soup made by Glorious foods and it’s the best tasting soup I’ve had in a long time. It’s only sold at Sainsbury’s and even though we have to drive into town to shop there, we’ll be picking some more up tomorrow.

I’ve also been drinking loads of water and lemon-ginger tea to stay hydrated and I’ve tried to sleep as much as possible by napping in the daytime to make up what I miss while I’m coughing my way through the night.

A last thought is how true it is what they say about good health.

I can’t imagine feeling this poorly all the time. I know many people are living with illness and disease far worse than my brief bout and I’m grateful for what feels like the approaching end to this miserable flu.

Check out the Glorious Foods selections if you live in the UK and I wish you good health as we move into the new year.


7 thoughts on “Coughing, Sleeping, And Glorious Soup Eating

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been under the weather. When I am sick I take 500 mg. of vitamin C with every meal. I also take Grapeseed Extract, as it’s got powerful antioxidants. That combination knocks out most things quickly.

    • @ Dee ~ I should take vitamin C and a few others, but I’ve never been good with getting into the vitamin habit. Thanks though, I may try again.

      @ Donna ~ Even though I tend to save my grits ( thank you very much ) for tummy troubles, I did have some after your comment when I was out of soup and nothing else appealed to me.

      @ Lilac ~ I’m still coughing more than sleeping at night, but I’m hoping that will change soon. As an aside, I loved the photos you posted in your last post. Looks like your off to a great start with your new gear.

      @ Mariellen ~ John will eat any kind of soup and bless his heart it is his turn now. He began to feel ill yesterday. He’s not coughing yet, but he said when he feels a tickle he tells himself not to. This is probably good as the first part of this bug is a dry unproductive cough that just hurts and wears you out. He has way more self control than I do. You should have seen him saying no to sweets during the holidays.

      @ Denise ~ Thanks for your good wishes. I am really appreciating my normally healthy life. Nothing like a weeklong-plus misery to make you overlook the pain of aging joints. I just need to get back into to yoga for that … when I feel better again.

  2. Speedy recovery, Elizabeth. I’m so glad that you are letting John care for you well. That is a gift you give to the caregiver. What soup would he want to eat if it were his turn?

  3. So sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather. And bless John for taking such good care of you! I had a weird 24-hour bug yesterday, and I’m so grateful today not to have it!!

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