The Cat, The Turkey Neck, & A Change In My Direction

Alfie, is a neighbor’s cat who comes over almost daily to have his ears scratched and to see what food he can scrounge. At Christmas he found his way up to the temporary bird table John built to feed the birds over the winter after an older one fell apart.

It always amazes me what John thinks the birds will enjoy and I’m surprised to see them eat things at times that I thought they would never go for. Take for instance, the cooked turkey neck hanging in the top right of the photograph.

The birds would not touch it, but Alfie … he seemed to really want it!

I photographed him through the sliding glass door while standing behind the Christmas tree thinking I might see him leap into action.

He came back for several days. He’d leap up three feet onto the bird table and then he stare at at the turkey neck and look around like he was thinking about the best way to reach it.

I really wanted him to take a chance and go after it, but he never did. I waited, hiding behind the tree with my camera hoping to see him jump to get it or climb up and reach down from the boards above, but he always seemed a bit unsure and afterwards I labeled his hesitation and lack of follow through as a failure.

After a few days, John took the turkey neck down and threw it out.

Seeing these photos made me consider a big decision I made the other day. It was something I had thought about for a while, but just could not move forward for a number of reasons. I was kind of like Alfie, part way there but not all the way and I had to wonder what was holding me back.

My biggest obstacle was me and my sometimes screwy way of thinking that things can only be seen one of two ways such as good or bad, black or white, and almost always, as a success or failure. This kind of thinking leaves no room for changing your mind or choosing another path which is clearly what I have needed to do for a while.

Choosing ‘Daily’ as my word for 2012 felt big when I did it and loaded with practicality. I did not imagine it would help me make such a big decision so soon, but when I used the daily five to break it down, the answer was simple and instead of angst, I felt relief.

I need a day or two to get a photograph together and I’ll be happy to share this change in direction with you then.

6 thoughts on “The Cat, The Turkey Neck, & A Change In My Direction

  1. I can’t wait to hear what you have in store. And glad John took the turkey neck down, it looks rather obscene given my poor eyesight. Perhaps Alfie felt the same!

    Now, please stop by my blog and help me choose a book cover for the re-launch of my novel!

  2. Hi Elizabeth….aww…poor cat. If his brain were only bigger than a bird’s he might have gotten that turkey neck. I think it’s great that you gained some insight from watching him. That kind of thing comes from the oddest places. Ever watch HOUSE? He always gets his epiphanies at the darnedest times.

    As for your word, from what you have told us, I would have chosen ”Grey” as your word to remind you that things aren’t just black or white.

    Can’t wait to see your photos!


  3. Aww, I wish he had jumped for it, too.

    I know how you feel hanging on to an old goal. It can be hard to let go and move on, but we all have to do it sometimes.


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