Finding The Right Medicine

I’ve been taking this cough medicine every night hoping if I take enough I can stop coughing long enough to get to sleep before 3:00 AM. Added to that, I’ve been in the guest room for the last week so John can sleep. He didn’t ask, but there was no way I was going to torture him with what sounded as if I were coughing up a lung.

He even suggested I see a doctor when the cough became worse saying he thought I might need an antibiotic and if you knew how he feels about even taking an aspirin, you’ll have an idea of how bad I sounded.

Last night I accepted an invitation to a girl’s night out with some women who live in the village. I was so excited to be asked that I mustered up some energy and went. The hostess knows I’m a light weight when it comes to alcohol and that I rarely drink. Last night she decided to change that up a bit for me.

I think I had five Gin & Tonic’s over the five hours we were all out together. I arrived home feeling sober and relaxed and slept without coughing for the first time in almost two weeks. I woke feeling refreshed with not even a twinge of headache leading me to believe that perhaps the best medicine for a bad cough, might be the one below.

Internet Image

I think we may need to add some Tanqueray to the medicine chest.

Proper dosing might be a bit tricky, I think I can work it out.

Bottoms Up!

7 thoughts on “Finding The Right Medicine

  1. I’d always heard that the English Gentleman’s Cure for a Cold went as follows:
    Hang your hat on the bedpost.
    Get into bed with a bottle of gin.
    Drink until you see TWO hats.
    Go to sleep.
    Wake up feeling much better.
    (Well, except maybe for the hangover.)

  2. Fabulous. I’m a fan of gin. But I’ve never taken it for a cold or cough. There’s some pretty wonderful gin on that side of the pond. A fancy one called Boodles. And Hendricks, I believe, comes from Scotland. It smells like roses and tastes ever so slightly of cucumber. The best summer day drink ever. I hope you are cured!

  3. Funny … I’ve always (ONLY) drank gin when I was upset … as in mar-tin-i’s!!! lol Never considered how wonderful it might be for a cough. I’ll have to remember this very helpful tip and put a pint in my medicene cabinet for future needs. (I may not have been a Girl Scout but I do believe in being prepared!!!) Ya know, now that I’m thinking about it, my Grandfather always needed a nip in the evening for his cough … it was blackberry brandy, kept on the very high shelf in the kitchen and ONLY for medicianl purposes. I guess was Grandpa was even smarter than I realized!!!

  4. That post made me smile Elizabeth. G & T is my poison! So much so that every year on my birthday I recieve ‘gin related cards’ – you may have seen my profile pic a short while ago (the card was from Rob) & read ‘Keep calm & drink more gin Mrs C’.
    Every year in October, whilst on our weekly walks, Sarah & I pick sloes & make gin with them, just perfect! It is a beautiful jewel coloured liquid & tastes divine….I will bring some for you the next time I see you/send it with Sarah! I agree with the comment about Hendricks but Bombay Sapphire is King of gin for me, served with plenty of ice, Fever Tree tonic & a slice of either lemon or lime……see, I’m not THAT fussy!! x

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