Ghostly Dreams And Bad Fashion Choices

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had vivid dreams. I’ve been able to do a bit of lucid dreaming and once in a great while I’m able to fly. While I don’t remember every part of my dreams, I can usually recall a fair amount of them when I wake.

Sometimes someone will show up in my dreams who I know is dead. I know you’re probably thinking, “ Dead people, really Elizabeth, hasn’t that been done, “ but it’s true.

I always look forward to those and they don’t happen enough to suit me.

I can’t remember ever having more than one family member or friend show up at a time, but last night was a party. It’s too bad I didn’t know any of the ghosts … oops,  I mean guests.

In my dream, I was looking at my reflection in a large waist-high mirror in the corner of a big room that was fairly dark in the beginning except for the lighting in this one area. I was wearing a dress that appeared to be vintage and I was thinking this was a look I needed to always wear as design suited me so well.

Suddenly, I saw the reflection of a middle-aged woman who was older looking than I am now and she was standing behind me with hair and clothing that looked as if it was from the forties.

Peach was the prominent color. I was wearing it which is something I would never do and she had on a belted peach-colored day dress with tiny flowers on it. She was nodding her head like she was agreeing me about my dress choice and when I turned around she wasn’t there. When I turned back to the mirror she was visible to me again, smiling and nodding like we were old friends.

I had no idea who this woman was in the dream. Normally, I’m calm when ghosts show up in my sleep, but having a stranger made it seem a bit scary and all of sudden I found myself unable to speak and everything I said came out garbled. I felt a bit like Whoopi Goldberg’s character in ‘Ghosts’ when she first hears Sam talking to her and realizes that she’s really hearing from someone dead after years of faking it.

It took me a few minutes to find my voice in my dream and after that it was like ghosts on parade. It was almost as if I had stumbled into a ballroom-sized old garage of some kind where they popped in and out like they were visiting old friends. Sometimes they spoke to me and sometimes they just clustered around each other.

After watching them move a few vintage cars in an unusual way, I found I had the ability to levitate a few myself. Having done that trick, I wondered if I could move myself in a similar way and as quickly as I had the thought, I floated up and across the room as gently as if I was floating on my back in pool of water.

One of the best parts of the dream had to be the dogs. Some of the ghosts had their dogs with them and when I asked, they said they found each other after death.

I wasn’t scared at all after the first sighting and no one seemed bothered by me. My level of comfort did make me consider if I might have been one of them in the dream.

You know, as in dead.

This thought came to me as I was writing this morning and I can say without hesitation that I would not like to spend eternity in a peach-colored party dress in a garage full of cars, dogs, and people I don’t know.

I might could handle jeans and wellies, but that party dress has got to go.

11 thoughts on “Ghostly Dreams And Bad Fashion Choices

  1. How cool, Elizabeth! I sometimes see my dad in my dreams. He died in ’96. Never see anyone else, that I’m aware of… I take an herbal medication called Melatonin and it causes vivid dreams. Wonder what would happen if you took it?? Likely a REALLY lively time!

  2. Has it occured to you that maybe you are taking to much “cough medicine?” (wink, wink).

    (Give me orange, give me pink, but never peach!)

  3. I had an experience once and do believe in an alternate dimension/reality, where we exist in a different type of reality, and when we pass over, bodies are simply not needed there, and so our spirit goes forth, however there are doors and I believe our loved ones sometimes come back to check on their family’s and loved ones, and leave the door open whilst visiting, thats when we sometimes have these experiences, thats what I think anyway. also dont forget that someone may have been trying to reach you, maybe not for you, but for someone you may know.
    Keep dreaming, It is where a lot of inspiration comes from. Tony.

  4. I like that they had their dogs! It’s fun to hear about your dreams. What would be even more intense is if any ghosts have shown up when you’re awake!

    I used to dream about flying when I was younger, but haven’t done that since junior high school? I liked those dreams. I once had a dream where a cello player and a trumpet player did a duet. In the dream I kept thinking how amazing the music was. When I woke up, it was cool to think that I’d ‘composed’ it. Of course, I couldn’t remember what it sounded like.

  5. Hey E.,
    This sounds like a great plot for a book. Next time you’re hanging out with your ghost friends, check in with your Aunt Wylly. I think we both know what she would say…keep writing, keep trying, and keep doing what you enjoy for work. But don’t wear the colour peach after Labor Day :).
    She was always very encouraging and supportive to her good friend Olive Ann Burns to write “Cold Sassy Tree”. I’m sure they both enjoy your blog and creative ideas up in heaven.
    XXO Sweet Dreams xo

  6. I wish I could still fly. It’s been decades. I’ve had “ghosts” visit me, as well, but usually within 48 hours of their passing and I question whether or not they were dreams. You’ve written beautifully here about yours. I rarely remember mine, much less am able to convey their content in such a lovely manner.

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