Kitchen Renovation Week 2 – Is that Dust In My Soup?

I have to be really honest with you. Aside from emptying some cabinets of their contents, taking a few pictures and helping with the design decisions, I haven’t done any of the real work involved in our kitchen renovation. John’s the workhorse here. After Bob and Brian packed up and went home late last week, John got out his tools and went to work. Here’s a bit of what he’s been working on over the last few days.

I know the ceiling looks as if we’re making a dubious color choice, but have no fear … we are not going with a milk chocolate-colored ceiling. It  turns light pink as the plaster dries and then we’ll paint it white. Remember the door that was on the other side of the wall? If you look below you can see where it used to lead to before John closed it for good.

The master bedroom and my studio space were until a few days ago only accessed through a door at the top of the stairs that no longer exists. After John sealed it up, my feet kept wanting to walk the same way out of habit so I stuck a note on the wall to remind me. It’s only a few steps beyond the remaining door, but I got tired of having to back up. The “Closed” sign made John laugh when he saw it and later when I went into the kitchen I noticed he’d posted a sign of his own.

I thought his “Open” sign was pretty cute, but I was really impressed with how he reused the old doorway to close in the new opening from the kitchen to the hallway. 

This photo should have been before the last one as he hadn’t completed the door frame yet, but it gives you a good look at the wall to the right where he closed off the old doorway. The dark boards against the wall are from the hallway. It’s the same wood flooring that runs through the master bedroom and my bathroom and studio space.

Here’s what the space looked like today. Didn’t John do a great job? I’ll be painting the door white over the next few days so it blends in better with the wall and we’re getting rid of all the brass wall plates too. We’re leaving the half-glass door as it is with its natural wood finish.

We’re thinking of oak planks for the kitchen floor, but we’ve got to live with it kind of patchy (like the spot above) while the rest of the kitchen is being finished. John said it’s going to be a few months (more like August) before we’re through with the kitchen/dining room renovation so if you’re coming to see us this summer consider yourself warned. It’s pretty dusty here.

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation Week 2 – Is that Dust In My Soup?

  1. “Oh!” I thought, looking at the picture of the door now closed, “is she on a hill?” How daft is that!? Of course you are on a hill. You live in Cornwall! Hence the up and down to whatever room to to the kitchen that you’ve written about in a previous or two, which confused me at the time. Doh! I think you are going to really like it with the new white walls. And the door with the mullions, so cornish in outline. I was looking for the little blue and etched star in each corner! English or American light oak is my fave floor, so am really looking forward to getting your updates as the work progresses.

    Well done, John! And I guess you’re being fed Brit rail tea and hob nobs for your trouble, not to mention nice pasties to keep you going 🙂

    • Yep, we do live on a hill, Mariellen and it’s a bear to come up if you’re on a bike. Still, I wouldn’t want to give up our view to have an easier ride. I tend to use words like upstairs and downstairs when discussing locations in the house as in, ” John … are you downstairs? ” He laughs about this saying that fours steps down can hardly be considered, “downstairs.” I guess you could say it’s a split level house, but all the split levels in the US have more steps and more levels than two.

  2. It’s looking lovely Elizabeth. Be down in 2 weeks time, and I hope I get an invite to have a proper look, dust and all! Looking forward to seeing you both x x x

  3. It’s great that John can do the work himself. While Jrex is a fantastic chef, it would be fun to also have a built in handyman. For now it’s just me making things up as I go along! I really like the oak door. Does that lead into your studio space?

    Off topic, last night Jrex and I were discussing Cornwall. He’s been there and I haven’t. We agreed it would be great to go visit at some point. I chimed in, “I have a friend there!” He was surprised, “Really?” I laughed, “Well someone I know via the blog world. I bet we could meet her for lunch if we ever get over there.” I told him you’d emailed when we got the tornados and that it would be fun to meet you. He is still bemused by blog connections, but always up for adventure. Just thought you’d be amused to know you were a topic of conversation.

    • It is great to be married to a man who loves a project. He did much of the work on my studio space and my bathroom right down to making the bathroom sink cabinet after I gave him a picture of what I wanted. There’s a hallway behind that oak door (which I painted white yesterday) that leads to my studio. We’re leaving the door with the glass in it natural.

      How cool that Jrex has been to Cornwall. You have to come when you get a chance. It’s too gorgeous to miss. I can’t believe I’d never heard of it until I met John and I’d been to the UK three times before we met.

      Meeting folks through blogging can lead to some great friendships and you certainly have a friend here. I’d love to see you if you come this way.

      Give this link to Jrex for me so he can see what happens when blogger friends have a chance to meet in person.

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