Mother’s Day – Blooming Through The Bitter & The Sweet

Some celebrations are not always happy ones and Mother’s Day probably causes more angst than most for many people each year. If you’ve been reading GOTJ for long, you already know some what makes it both bitter and sweet for me.

The sweet is clearly visible in the image above. My daughter Miranda is only a few hours old in this photograph of my step-mom Cullene, holding her for the first time.

What I know best about ” mothering and being mothered ” I learned from these two precious people and it’s important for me to be sure they know it especially on days like today.

Cullene, like most mothers would tell me not to get her anything to mark this day, ” No gifts please, a card will be fine … ” and I understand exactly where that comes from especially with a child of my own, but while a card may be enough for her it isn’t enough for me.

Being so far away, I miss spending time sitting and talking with her in the chairs by the kitchen fireplace like we do when I’m there, making it more important for me to give her a little reminder of how much she means to me since I’m not close enough to show her in other ways.

A few years ago, I discovered that my favorite tree from my home in Georgia also grows here in Cornwall. Being in the southwest of England, we have just the right kind of environment Dogwood trees need to thrive and bloom.

When I first saw pictures of the jewelry my friend Leslye was making I fell in love with one piece in particular and it pleases me greatly to be able to give one of her dogwood flower necklaces to Cullene for Mother’s Day.

Leslye was the first blogging friend I met face to face as she lives in Atlanta and we’ve seen each other a few times since. Fittingly for today, her blog is a mother-daughter collaboration where she and her daughter share their photos and thoughts.

I like the idea of Cullene having a tangible reminder of what I am aware of everyday … that I am better able to bloom through the seasons of my life due in large part to her care and nurturing.

She won’t see this post until after she opens her present so I’m giving you a sneak peek at the lovely work Leslye does over at Autumn Sun Jewelry.

Autumn Sun Jewelry

Autumn Sun Jewelry

I’ve included two images so you can get a good look at the necklace before it’s boxed up by Leslye and sent, along with the bottom one so you can see it as Cullene will when she opens it.

Isn’t that the sweetest way to wrap a gift inspired by nature … I wish I could be there to see her face!

13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Blooming Through The Bitter & The Sweet

  1. Elizabeth, for the brief time that you were my stepmom, you made an impact in my life. I’m happy to call you my friend! The other day I was thinking about all you did for our wedding and the gorgeous photos you took of that special day. You’re a remarkable person, truly a lovely soul. We love you, Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Audrey, I am so touched by your sweet, sweet, message and you have to know that it was just what I needed today. I think you’re pretty special too and love watching you love your own babies even though we have an ocean between us. I’m grateful that my temporary status as stepmom was able to shift into the friendship we share because it would have been a blow to my heart to say goodbye to you. I was looking at some of your wedding photos just yesterday while I was looking for the image for this post and thought about how lovely that day was for me too and what a pleasure it was to be so involved in your wedding. Thank you again for making this day more special for me. I love you too. xo

  2. I echo your remarks Audrey. Elizabeth is a truly remarkable person who will go to endless trouble to do something special for those close to her. She is also a very caring person who particularly appreciates warm tributes like yours.
    I am proud that Elizabeth is my wife and has been a vital part of my life for the past four years..

  3. Elizabeth, thank you so much for the mention of my work. I am so happy I was able to create a meaningful piece for you to give Cullene on this special day. I hope she will enjoy wearing this dogwood blossom as a reminder of you.
    You are a special friend. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    • Leslye, Cullene absolutely loved her present! I got the sweetest note from her and I wanted to share the part with you where she said, ” The necklace is lovely, and you know how much I love the dogwood flower and jewelry inspired by nature. The presentation of this gift was so artful that I did not want to disturb it at first. ”
      Thanks again, Leslye … and I hope your Mother’s Day was filled with happy surprises too.

    • They made me teary too … I was really touched by the sweetness. Cullene’s gift perfect for her and I love the way Leslye takes inspiration from nature. She’s so talented.

    • Thanks, Renee for your comment and for leaving a way for me to find your blog. You’ve got a great way with words and I’m looking forward to reading more of what you have to say.

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