Buttercup Madness & Mid-May Diversions

It’s one of my favorite times of the year in Cornwall when the buttercups go mad popping up everywhere. The weather has been iffy for the last few weeks and I’ve been feeling slightly desperate to see a color other than grey. Yesterday delivered big time so John and I went out for a walk in the afternoon after I finished with work.  I was getting ready to photograph him sitting in the buttercups when he disappeared!

You can barely see him in the shot above.

When I looked up to see where he’d gone, I found him flat on his back soaking up the sun. A few weeks ago the buttercups were just beginning to show up, and I wrote a post with links explaining why this meadow is so special to us. You can follow the link if you’re new to GOTJ and interested in learning more.

Ahhh … there he is!

John snapped this one of me while I was trying to get a macro shot.

We posed for a timed shot with the buttercup field behind us before moving on for a walk through the woods.

From this angle you can see the buttercup field through the trees. This area is stunning all year round and John and I often talk about how lucky we are to have this walking distance from our home.

This tree with its fresh new leaves was more beautiful than my camera could capture and too large to get more than a bit of it in the shot.

Walking on a bit, I saw a path I had not explored and was off down the hill to see the water I could hear below.

Again, my little Canon can’t begin to communicate how beautiful this space is or how the water rushing over the rocks in places sounds like people murmuring together, carrying on a conversation I can’t make out.

The banks and surrounding area have these gorgeous bluebells scattered all around.

After hearing John calling out to me saying he was going on, I hurried up the hill to walk the rest of the way with him.

We walked on reaching the village by way of the main road after we left the wood and we saw a common sight, where riders on horseback share the road with cars. That’s our village church in the background.

Have you got a favorite place you go to clear your head or find your balance after a tough day? Nature always does it for me.

9 thoughts on “Buttercup Madness & Mid-May Diversions

  1. It’s definitely not as beautiful as your walk, but I love to take the stroller with me when I pick up the baby. He’s happy and I get recharged as we wander up and down the streets near our house. Lots of trees and hills and not too much traffic, but it doesn’t compare to bluebells, streams and ponies!

    • Funny how you were leaving me a comment as I was leaving you one on your blog. As for comparing … nothing compares to a happy cuddly baby to play with and hug on. That would certainly recharge my spirit.

  2. Your pictures speak of a serenity and clarity. Your “little Canon” does a splendid job… so I can only imagine how much more ethereal being there is. And I love how Europe has cherished and protected its natural places for the ages. I’m certain it’s what gives Europeans their peace loving presence in the world. Thank you. -Renee

  3. I still love your buttercup field. And nothing beats a babbling brook! We had one in our back pasture when my girls were young. They would take their little air mattresses back there and jump on and go floating down the stream.

  4. You have buttercups, we have bright orange poppies. I do love those bluebells and your wonderful brook. And nothing beats a horseback ride. Now that’s something we have a lot of around here. Your Cornwall is charming and I love the photos of you and John.

  5. Lovely photos, as usual! I live in Greater London so there isn’t much in the way of nature and countryside around me, but sometimes it’s enough just to be outside in the garden (not that I do that very often… I spend far too much time indoors nowadays).

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