The End Of The Tunnel – Health Care & Me

I thought I should check in to say I’m still here.

For over a week I have been really ill with a ferocious bug of some kind and yesterday, while the topic for many was the American presidential election, my communication with John was tight and short due to stomach pain so severe I actually suggested a trip to the hospital.

After John made a quick call to the doctor’s office, I was able to be seen within about an hour of his speaking with the receptionist. There is a nasty virus going around but my doctor is concerned this might be something more as it has gone on so long.

He’s doing some tests to rule out a few things and until the results come back I’ve been told to rest. Rest suits me and I’m content to not do anything more strenuous than a walk between the sofa, the bathroom, and bed.

Food causes a violent reaction so I’m eating little, but the medicine he prescribed yesterday helped ease my stomach pain.

Towards the end of the office visit, our conversation turned to the election and as you might think, American healthcare.

I think ‘appalling’ was the word he used to describe his thoughts as he talked about a country as large as the US with no basic health care available for all of its citizens and I have to agree.

I was grateful that insurance or money was not something I needed to consider while writhing in pain yesterday morning trying to decide if a trip to A&E (what the ER is called here) was in my future.

I wish that kind of peace of mind for all my friends and family in the US and I hope with President Obama’s re-election, our politicians in Washington can find a way to work together to ensure no one goes without health care.

It’s a scary thing to be ill and not have the resources to do anything about it.

Living in the UK, I’m fortunate that it is no longer a concern for me.

22 thoughts on “The End Of The Tunnel – Health Care & Me

  1. hope the diagnosis is a relatively uncomplicated one and that you feel better soon. We need to fight for the ongoing survival of our NHS. Brilliant idea , and the way it works when people need it is pretty marvellous most of the time. We can improve it, within a state ownership and with accountability to govt. as opposed to shareholders. This is a huge issue for U K citizens today!!t there is no protest from the ordinary people, we will lose it for sure. 38 Degrees is a brilliant apolitical site raising important issues like this one. Worth a google!

    • Thanks A, for the link to the 38 Degrees site. I went over for a quick look and will give it a detailed going over when I feel better. You are right that people here need to protect what they have with the NHS. Some of the proposed changes I hear being talked about sound an awful lot like some parts of the American health care system which is frequently so much more about profit than patient care.

  2. Hello Elizabeth!

    First of all, I am sorry to hear you’ve been so ill. I pray it is over very soon for you. Second, great piece! As a God loving, American, Obama supporter with no healthcare thus far, I am so very happy he made it for four more years. My husband, a small business owner, has extensive health issues which make purchasing insurance near impossible for him. His cost alone would be $1500+ PER MONTH. Add on myself and our two children… absolutely impossible to sustain. It is sad to me that many people who voted Romney can’t wrap their brains around the idea that not every person on government assistance is lazy or working the system. I can only surmise that the others who can see the other side, just don’t care about us. They take the stance that they would rather not help anyone, including a hardworking person and his family, just so they can stick it to the lazies. Members of my own family, who call themselves Christians I’d like to add, take this position. The God that I serve calls me to help EVERYONE he puts in my path, including the people I don’t find worthy. Nothing I have on this earth is mine, He is only letting me use it while I’m here. That includes money!

    A vote for Romney was a vote for greed, A vote for Obama was a vote for hope.

    Blessings to you and John, XOXO!


    • Audrey, thanks for taking time to leave your thoughts and for sharing a personal experience. As your situation illustrates, many hard working folks are struggling and health care costs can often be the break point. I have been where you are now and it’s scary.

      You have such a kind heart and I know the angry rhetoric of the campaign put you off. I can’t imagine how it feels to have people, including family echo the comments of some (not all) of the Mitt Romney supporters. I hope people can put their animosity and in some cases what appeared to be contempt, aside, and work for positive change that benefits all Americans. XO

  3. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

    And to Audrey….not all Republicans are mean hearted, selfish and money hungry. It so bothers me when people believe all the TV ads and liberal press rhetoric. If you don’t like it when people categorize Obama supporters as lazy and working the system, then the last thing you should do is categorize others with a blanket statement such as what you wrote above.

    • Thanks Wendy, I always appreciate your comments, but I need to say in Audrey’s defense that she said, ‘many,’ not all … don’t seem to understand how some hardworking people might still need some help. She wasn’t name calling … she’s just saying she needs a government that cares about the health and welfare of its people and that Christians should do more than talk compassion, they need to live it everyday.

      I think we’re all a little scared and touchy right now, but I hope we can find a reasonable common ground.

    • Wendy, I totally agree! Not all Romney supporters have hatred to the poor and needy, not all Obama supporters really care about change. Elizabeth nailed it with her response (thank you for clearing that up!).

      Incidentally, I chose to ignore any and all news media during the election season because, quite honestly, everyone gets nasty and I don’t like to participate. The opinion I have formed is drawn from my past and present experiences (financially well off and morally bankrupt, now vice versa), my perception of the United States, my perception of the people around me, and lastly, my perception of the direction I believe is best for everyone.

      I respect that everyone has their own perceptions and visions for direction. Living in a world that is cookie cutter has no appeal for me- I thank the Lord for giving each one of us a purpose. We could not fulfill His will if we all valued and felt passionately for the exact same issues. Mine happens to be the poor and disadvantaged youth.

      God bless you and yours!

      • Dear Audrey,

        I am sorry if my reply came across as harsh. I think due to living in the DC area and having close connections to those in the political scene (on both sides of the aisle), I get a little touchy when Republicans are painted as religious zealots who don’t care or have compassion for the plight of others. It is tough right now to be working on the hill, as there is so much discord and fighting. I agree with Elizabeth that hopefully a reasonable common ground will be found. Thank you for such a gracious response. I hope your husband’s health improves.

  4. Yeah, rest! And let your mind rest also,. hard of course when you, a fit and very healthy type, feel physically floored. Right now, as you know, some of my nearest and dearest are drawing upon life saving and sustaining treatment by the NHS, and I for one am truly grateful.

  5. Jut read that you were ill. Hope you are feeling better. My daughter lived in the UK for 3 years and 2 of her babies were born there. She loved her mid wives and loved that a nurse came to her house every week to check on them.

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