Going Bare To Raise Money For Breast Cancer Awareness & Research

Makeup Free E For Cancer Awareness

When I noticed some of my friends were raising money and awareness for breast cancer research on Facebook this morning by posting makeup free selfies, I had a little moan to my husband about how much I dislike things like this because I feel obligated to participate. Friends link to other friends suggesting they post a selfie too and off it goes spreading faster than a forest fire in a California drought.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for a link to show up in my inbox with my name on it and you can see the result. I only deliberated about a half second  before snapping my makeup free face and posting it. Grumbling aside, my uncle died from breast cancer and I know some women who were left motherless and who lost sisters and aunts due to breast cancer, so if I can help spread the word and raise a little money with 15 minutes of my time and an easy online donation, I’m going to do it.

I still think it’s kind of silly, but it was fun too and it is for a good cause so if a ‘go bare’ request pops up on your Facebook page, I hope you’ll consider it even if you, like me, have to have a little moan about it first.

It must be working because according to this article over 800,000 donations have been received in the last 24 hours.

I know we are all thinking and talking about the big picture with these little selfies we’re posting, but don’t forget to check your own breasts regularly and talk about breast health with your friends and family.

That goes for the men in your life too.

8 thoughts on “Going Bare To Raise Money For Breast Cancer Awareness & Research

    • Thanks, Mike you are very kind to say so. My husband says the same thing and since I wear very little makeup most of the time, he can’t usually tell if I have any on. I was always taught less was better especially as women age and I certainly don’t want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb. 🙂

  1. I was thinking of putting one of me on Facebook, just after I’d woken up in the morning but then, I thought again, perhaps it would be too scary!

  2. We should all be so beautiful without makeup. This “story” has not made it to my Facebook pages. I looked for you to try and friend you, but there are tons of Elizabeth Harpers … please feel free to “friend” me and I will get this started among my friends. I will probably take a good brisk walk before I take the “naked” photo of me so I will look refreshed and hopefully not too wrinkly.

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