Hey … I Think There’s Something Familiar About This Photograph

Remember when I promised you a surprise in yesterday’s post … what do you think about this one? Recognize anyone in the old pub photo above? I think you may have seen this couple in other posts scattered around my blog. While John and I appear thanks to my sister Margaret and her amazing Photoshop skills, the photo below is our village pub as it looked before being destroyed by fire in the mid-nineteenth century.

I┬ácopied the old photo in our pub a few days ago and thought you might enjoy seeing the pub as it looked back then so you might compare it with how it looks now in the image below. It’s a good bit different and certainly more modern, but you might be surprised to know that our pub still burns coal in the fireplaces in both the pub side and the restaurant. I’m sure there are places in the US where this still happens, but I never saw or smelled it until moving to the UK.

I hope you enjoyed the pub photos as much as I did. Thanks again to Margaret for obliging my last minute request to add us to the old image.