Ground Control – We Have A Problem


Sometimes life offers you so many choices you may have trouble deciding which one thing is the very best. I wanted to use one of my images from the other day for a blog post, but in trying to decide…well, I couldn’t. So went to John and asked him which one he preferred and he quickly pointed out the first one you see above. Still not completely satisfied, I then considered what was it exactly that I wanted to say this morning and which image might best suit the direction of my thoughts. This didn’t help either because each photograph has something about it that makes me think of how it might illustrate a variety of topics and even though the images seem very similar, I see a different image to topic “match”  for each one of them.

So that’s when I decided that the real topic for today is not about which photograph to use, but rather how my indecision and desire to do everything ” just right” creates an ugly scenario where little gets done. People talk a lot about having writer’s block which I always thought of as a problem grounded in a lack of words or ideas, but perhaps indecision can be a blockage of sorts too.

It’s days like this when I feel as if I need an air traffic controller to help me keep my ideas organized and moving forward in an on time manner so that while one project is say, taxiing to Concourse A and arriving at Gate 10, projects 2 and 3 can be circling and landing in an orderly fashion. To illustrate my indecision, what you get today is all the images. If you have any tips I can pass on to ground control, please leave them in the comment section.





Directions & Choice


Good Morning!

I’m like a snail most days… at least that’s what it feels like to me.



I tend to check things out very throughly before moving in new directions… generally looking at things from all angles before proceeding.


Although I don’t have a huge fear of failing when beginning a new project, I do tend to give things a good going over before taking a leap in a new direction.


Occasionally, I worry that I’m moving so slowly that I’ll lose my momentum or that others will pass me by.



Sometimes, even when the idea is there, there are just too many choices…and since I’m not really an either or kind of person…


I generally will try more than one…….at the same time. 


Unfortunately, there are times that even when I decide to choose one over the other, I’m still not as focused as I’d like. At least with this decision, I won’t go hungry. I’ll be back a little later with something more substantial….after breakfast…maybe?