I Can’t Believe She’s 35!


Jennie & Elizabeth 1974

Baby Jennie With Elizabeth 1974

Almost 14 years separate us in age. Born on Easter Sunday, my youngest sister was a surprise in many ways. My dad, having remarried when I was 12, never expected to have more children than the two he’d had in his first marriage to my mother. I know my stepmom was as surprised as anyone when she found herself sitting in her doctor’s waiting room with women much younger and their developing belly bumps. In 1974, women who were 40 or older were more likely to be planning for their first grandchild’s arrival than a baby of their own.

So it was that Jennie, not Jennifer like so many girls born in the 70’s, came into my life. You could say she was a gift from the Easter bunny having arrived on the day when children wake to find surprises left by the fluffy symbol of Easter. Her maternal grandfather called her Bunny right from the start, making it a special nickname that only he would use in conversations with and about her.

I moved into their new baby household when Jennie was about six months old, stretching the limits of what my stepmom had probably planned for her life when she married for the first and only time at 38. Looking back, I am amazed at how well she handled all of unexpected  changes in her transition from single working woman to new wife, before all too quickly being called on to mother an infant and teen.  

Jennie, having been born to older parents grew up almost like an only child. While I was around and involved, I was a teenager after all and pretty well focused on my school and social life. Jennie and I played together, but I don’t remember having had too much required of me…as in no forced baby sitting or sulking about it as I can recall. I remember building her a little puppet theatre and covering it with a hideous pink fabric left over remnants of the 60’s… found somewhere I can’t remember. I made puppets and stories to go with it forcing her to endure and participate in my first playwriting experiences. (Sorry… no pictures seem to exist of the theatre to share.)


Jennie was my model when I tried my hand at 17 with my first forays into posed portrait work. She was such a good sport especially since she was barely four at the time this poor quality image was taken.  


Jennie At Four

Jennie At Four

Joining the Army at 18, I was a visitor mostly after that, a sister who sent letters or gifts from other countries with occasional visits home while on leave. During the 5 years that I was away from Georgia, Jennie changed quite a lot during that time growing out of her little girl self of four into a more outspoken performer of nine. By the time she reached high school she was performing in musicals, sometimes winning the leading role. She began college as a performance major, but changed directions along the way, moving towards a degree and profession aimed at helping others.


Miranda Wearing Jennie's College Cap On Graduation Day

Miranda Wearing Jennie's College Cap On Graduation Day

After a few difficult years of helping children through Family and Children’s Services, she returned to school for a master’s degree in community counseling and added a certification to it that would enable her to provide counseling and support to children in a school setting. It’s there she seems to have found her home working with children who frequently need a listening ear and directional support. She spends her days in a rural setting where some of the children come from difficult home situations. Jennie’s quick to recognize a need where someone else might overlook it and at times has gone so far as to buy shoes for a child who didn’t have any they could wear. She does good work there making sure all of the children have equal opportunities for success along with a bit of nurturing and acceptance they may not receive at home.


Jennie with Mitzi - At Home In North Georgia

It’s hard to believe that she’s 35 today … Happy Birthday Jennie!

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe She’s 35!

  1. Lord, love a duck….I am old!!!!! When did that happen??? What a lovely gift to come home to…a blog from my big Sis 🙂 Thank you…

    I just sat outside and watched the most beautiful sunset over the North Georgia Mountains and thought “what a lovely present” and then I come in to find another lovely gift that brings to mind so many memories.

    My big sis may not know this, but I have something she sent me from Germany. It is a doll missing some of it’s original clothes, but still in pretty decent shape. It is in my box of memories…things that represent love. I missed my Izbob (could not say Elizabeth when I was little) so much when she left home. I would hold on to every letter and especially the German doll because to do so brought my big Sis home to me.

    Loved the pics…will be putting them on myspace and facebook!! I was a cute little model, wasn’t I? 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Jennie! I’m sorry I couldn’t stop by earlier to send this birthday wish! What a beautiful smile she has… Thank you for letting us in to witness such love and the celebration of you and your sister!

  3. Precious memories, Elizabeth. Remember Jennie’s solo at the Christmas Eve church service — she almost forgot the words when she saw your dramatic expression of support. Jennie and Gene accompanied me to a conference in Williamsburg when she was four (and you were in the Army). One night she was crying and said “I want my sister”. I love the photo of you holding Jennie. Sometimes you put her on your shoulder and wrapped the coat over your face. What a funny sight. Jennie loved to imitate her big sister — even to falling down the stairs after your prom night tumble. Now that is a subject for a future blog. Love, Cullene

  4. Beautiful tribute. And it moved me even more so because I also have a half sister almost 14 years younger and she was a surprise (and much loved) addition to our family! It’s funny actually because I never call her my half sister, she is my just my little baby sister through and through, even though she is very grown up these days!

    Lovely post. K xo

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