Saying Hello – A Surprise From Paris!


Carolyn & Kim In Paris

Carolyn & Kim In Paris

Just imagine you’re finishing up your day…wrapping up a few things and taking a last look through your Google Reader to see if any of your favorites have posted lately to their blog. Last night I doing just that when I noticed that Carolyn from My Sydney Paris Life had a new post. Clicking on it to check her location, she and her partner Clive have been on the road and in the air for the last few weeks and it’s been quite interesting to share their journey so I was curious to see what fun they’d been up to. I was quickly intrigued to see the heading, ” To Elizabeth, from Paris.”  I didn’t automatically assume the Elizabeth was me as there are a lot of Elizabeth’s out there…even Elizabeth Harpers, but it was a message for me though and very sweet. If you go here, you can read about the details.

I’d like to add that one of the very best things I found through blogging is the friends I’ve made along the way. Blogging is like hunting for treasure without leaving your home and “meeting” people like Kim from Sassiland and Carolyn from My Sydney Paris Life enriches my life in many ways. I was really touched that they were thinking of me as they gathered together to meet in person. I hope next time I can be there too.

6 thoughts on “Saying Hello – A Surprise From Paris!

  1. Thanks for your kind words, Elizabeth. We so wished you were there to join the group.

    I agree with your sentiments about blogging. Your lovely blog is one of my favourites and you have many other fans 🙂

    Cheers and definitely next time!

  2. I stopped by Carolyn’s blog and left these words: Stopped by from Gifts of a Journey! I love when we connect to the perfect energy, which gives energy to connect to more… thanks for sharing!

    You blog is one of my favorites too!! I knew it the first time a saw your title and read your profile.

    Thanks for sharing!! Have a Happy Concious Friday and a “colored-filled” weekend!

  3. Hi just called in from Carolyns blog. What super ladies they are and Clive is great too. I was one of the lucky ones to meet them at that lunch..My friend and I organized through Leesa (News from France) to have a few days in Paris..what a place, we had a fab time, met lots of lovely people at the lunch, loads of chatting, didn’t know who to speak to first.

    We went over on Eurostar from London St Pancras and rented an apartment.

    Loving your blog title, I must find a new one for mine 🙂

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