If Cows Could Talk


I spend a fair amount of my time in the company of these great beasts when I’m walking with John on the moor or cutting through a farmers field while out on a run. It never caused me one minute of concern even when they had horns as sharp and pointy as these at least not until I received a comment from Sarah. If you remember, Sarah read this post after searching for information about a coast path walk she was interested in doing in Cornwall. If you scroll down to the last comment on that post, (from Sarah C-S) you can see the comment that marked the beginning of our friendship.

After a series of emails back and forth, along with this post designed to talk more about potential safety issues on the coast path, we arranged a meeting. Being able to meet people in person that you enjoy talking with is one of the best benefits of blogging.  Sarah who lives north of London, came down to camp near here with her sister Suzanne who is so funny she really should consider doing standup comedy. Between the two of them I laughed and smiled so much my jaw actually felt a bit sore by the end of our visit. I spent a delightful afternoon acting as tour guide showing them the area around the village where we live. I took them around to some of my favorite places..we even posed for a picture on a footbridge you may recognize. It’s one where several pictures of both me and John have been taken near the buttercup field.

It’s been about a month or so since they were here and I have to say that whenever I see a cow or bullock that might look as if they’re sizing me up, I think of Sarah and remember that occasionally these gentle animals may charge and trample people passing through their space.  As I said before, it’s usually when a walker has a dog with them that is not on a leash (or lead) and the cows are really after the dog.

Still, I’m not sure Sarah would like to know that whenever I see a cow now, I think of her. It’s kind of funny, but I do appreciate the increased awareness and so far the only direction the cows seem to be running is …away.

"Look Out Bessie, Here Comes That Woman Again."

"Look Out Bessie, Here Comes That Woman Again."

" Shush...Just Pretend You Don't See Her."

" Shush...Just Pretend You Don't See Her."

" Oh Good Grief...Is She Following Us Now!"

" Oh Good Grief...Is She Following Us Now!"

Here is a picture of us near the buttercup field.

Suzanne, Sarah, & Elizabeth

Suzanne, Sarah, & Elizabeth

5 thoughts on “If Cows Could Talk

  1. I was in Richmond for the weekend, where we walked through a field of bullocks in a meadow by the river – but I didn’t have my camera – so you’ll have to take my word for it…… 😉

  2. these creatures look so cute, gentle even, it would be hard to imagine that they could potentially hurt you. love these photos and i love the fact that you are meeting up with blogger friends. I think i am going to make it a point this year to try and meet as many as I can. You, of course, are the first blogger friend I have met. And it means the world to me.
    thought you might be interested to see where you bird cage lives – now in Athens. It’s pretty much the focal point of her room.

    comfy spot
  3. They do look scary don’t they- we’ve got a herd near us here but have found that the greatest danger is from the most disgusting pats that squirt from their rear ends at high velocity, splattering very far and wide- eeeeoooow!
    Just adding you now to my blog roll- I managed to miss you off somehow 😦

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