Days Of Summer-Going…Going…Gone


There is a common theme with many bloggers as summer begins to wind down. For those with children returning to school, the end of summer is not based on changes in weather like a sudden crispness in the morning air or the exchange of summer shorts for warm sweaters, but more likely it’s dictated by the posting of bus schedules and shopping for school supplies. Many schools in America have started classes and the rest are not far behind only waiting to begin classes after the Labor Day weekend. Georgia students have been sitting in classrooms for about two weeks now and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for the teachers to manage the energy. Sun and heat still equals summer time to most children and it doesn’t seem fair to send children back inside while the days outside are still so inviting.

With the recent graduation of my only child from Virginia Tech, I no longer gauge my days of summer on any one else’s timetable. Although many of the flowers are beginning to fade here, there are quite a lot still blooming and everywhere you look there is life and color. In Georgia, the blackberries bushes would have closed up shop and ceased production marking the end of summer in a pointed way with only the thorns left behind. Here in Cornwall the blackberries are still fat and juicy with more waiting to ripen before they go for the season. There’s more than enough to freeze a few gallons for winter and make another pie or two, but pie making aside we seem to have missed what makes it feel most like summer.

After years of living in Georgia and suffering through the oppressive summer heat and seasons of drought for the last few years, Cornwall in contrast has had it’s third rainy summer in a row and waking up to another grey day I feel as if in some ways I am still waiting for days of summer to begin. To be fair, this part of the world is a wonderland in rain or with sunshine but occasionally I must admit, I’d be happy to see a bit more of the sun. I’ll leave you with a few summer pictures as we begin slip into fall here and I’ll head out the door to pick a few more blackberries for a last taste of summer before it’s completely past.












The last three pictures serve as an example of what we do to blackberries around here. Mmmmmmm!

Don’t forget tomorrow is the day for TMAST so please consider writing a post for tomorrow using one of the topic sentences left behind over at the Tell Me A Story Tuesdays site. Send me a link and I’ll post it tomorrow on mine. So far Judy Harper has been the only one to join me in the story writing piece of this online group. Others have left topic sentences and I do appreciate that. It’s more fun for me to use someone else’s sentence so even if you don’t want to write a story for TMAST, please consider leaving a topic sentence here.  It’s practice writing not perfection so let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you.

6 thoughts on “Days Of Summer-Going…Going…Gone

  1. This post reminded me of a poem by a poet I love……. here it is

    here comes summer, here comes summer,
    chirping robin,
    budding rose,
    here comes summer, here comes summer,
    gentle showers,
    summer clothes,
    here comes summer, here comes summer,
    whoosh-shiver-there it goes.
    Shel Silverstein.

  2. You’ve got quite a story with just 3 pictures of berry cobbler.

    I love the picture of horses near the swingset.
    It seems everybody is allowed to enjoy the park. ‘Round here, a guy on horseback gets a warning paper from the security guard.

  3. great summer photos. it’s hard to believe it will soon be fall – the time of year when I really felt like i was getting to know so many of you (one year blogging already). I’ve now learned of what each season is like for you there in England, and others in different parts of the US. For Georgia, this summer has seemed mild to me, but as Georgia can be, we may still get the hottest days before Autumn is truly here.
    that blackberry cobbler looks delicious!!

  4. O wow, shel silversten is a poet I have read in a long while.

    Summer is rather odd. I’m from a tropical country, but since I’m studying in Europe now I am experiencing summer full on. And as it slowly winds down, I’m beginning to understand why people in temperate regions are so crazy about the season.

    I even wrote a little about it on my blog if anyone cares to read!

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