By Air And Sea


If you are coming to Jersey where John and I have been for the last eight days there are only two ways to arrive and depart. You can fly in on a small aircraft like the one you see John looking at in the shot above or you could come over on the ferry. John did add that you could swim if you were a hearty sort and could handle 80 miles across the English channel.

We’ll be leaving in a few hours by ferry. We came over with the car last week and have had a great time playing with JG, John’s granddaughter.  We went out for a little lunch today and a return visit to a shop I had been in not long after we first arrived. Later we stopped by the sunflower field where I took these photographs on a blue sky day on our second day here. Even though today is grey and drizzly with rain, I wanted to try snag a few more bits of my favorite flower before leaving for the ferry.


Some of the flowers are finished for the season, but the field is still glowing with many more.


When we stopped, I realized that the field of flowers was behind a war memorial and someone had left a sunflower on the stone marker.



I stepped through an opening in the center of the memorial to take my photographs walking deep into the field of flowers. When I turned to go something very strange happened. It was as if the sunflower stalks said, ” No, don’t go” and they twined together forming a barrier so tight I had to stop and unwrap the stalks that were linked about waist high. It was so unusual that I had to try to photograph it. You can see my images below.



Last one for now.


2 thoughts on “By Air And Sea

  1. Very interesting. Jersey is one place I wish I had visited when I lived that side! The war graves have a sad charm about them. These people should be remembered!

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