On Reflection


Only when the clamor of the outside world is silenced will you be able to hear the deeper vibration. Listen carefully.

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

I took the image above yesterday at the end of a run/walk with my friend Tina. Although the sky looks threatening in the photograph above, it was actually a lovely blue sky morning filled with magnificent images everywhere we looked. Tina was extremely patient as I stopped more times than I should have to snap a picture that I just couldn’t resist.

What began as a desire to work my body quickly shifted to an exercise in pausing to see what was all around me. I only need open my eyes in the morning to feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the beauty I have in my life and mornings like yesterday make me feel as if I’ve won the lottery. I’ve always been a cup half full rather than half empty kind of girl, but truly, if happiness could be poured into a glass then mine would be spilling over.

Here are a few more images from yesterday for your reflection today…a look at the world just outside my door.


I could see the tip top of the church through the morning mist as I was leaving to run so snapped this from the patio at the front of the house and decided to take my camera with me. These are presented in the order they were taken and are only a few of the 300 or so I snapped. The first four below are taken of the village green which is very close to the house where we live and usually makes me feel like we live in a park.






This house sits right next to a lovely ancient bridge called Key Bridge. It dates from the sixteenth century and has a granite sundial post on it from the seventeenth century. The De Lank River flows under it and it’s a favorite of mine.


A photo of the sundial post.



This made me think of a high rise building for some reason.


Public footpath signs can be found almost anywhere as Britain is a country where people are inclined to walk no matter how wet the weather or the age of the walker. It’s never surprising to see someone well into their 80s out for a stroll. I love the picturesque stiles that lead you to the next view like the one below of the cows in the field.



The Camel Trail is a great place to run, walk, or bike and connects us to several larger places such as Padstow, Wadebridge, and Bodmin. It feels much safer to me to ride a bike to these locations on the Camel than it does to dodge road traffic in the lanes.


We met a few runners and folks on bikes yesterday morning.


I always love this view…plus it is part of the home stretch.


There’s usually something hanging out in these fields as we pass through such as sheep, horses, or cows.


Almost home.



My new friend likes to follow me and sometimes he stops by to play hide ad seek in the garden with me.


He’s still a playful kitten and kept pawing at my camera whenever I would get too close.


I’ll finish with the same flower that was in the first photograph, but taken from a different angle illustrating how a shift in perspective can change what you see quite dramatically.

23 thoughts on “On Reflection

  1. I’m so envious of you! Living withing walking distance of such beauty! I have to drive a distance from the city to find this kind of outing! Glad to see you back. From your post, I know you were having a grand time. Did you take pictures when you went to France?

  2. I am here via spreading wings, and oh so glad. What a wonderful gift to be taken on this walk with you. Each image made me happier, happier and then that kitten so full of playfulness! Bless you. A wonderful start to my Sunday morning!

  3. Shift in perspective! Sounds like how I live my life. Example: I can have coffee in Atlanta or I can have coffee in Santa Barbara at a beautiful hotel with a great view of the beach and Pacific Ocean out the patio doors. I prefer the latter, and am doing it now as I type this.

    You’d love the lights on the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica pier!

    Also, half full vs. half empty is silly… obviously the cup is twice as big as it needs to be.


  4. Beautiful pictures. I have always dreamed of living in a place exactly where you are.
    I was just meditating on perspective yesterday…

  5. Really lovely pictures!
    Sorry you won’t be around on the 24th, but maybe we will see when you are back on this end.
    Take Care—

  6. oh Elizabeth these are amazing! seems we were on a similar page today – exercise for our body turned into solace for our soul.
    and you are so right I would love to join you on one of your walks. every step of the way you see such beauty and know how to capture it. you have a true gift, my friend and I am so glad that i can view it from afar if not one day in person.

    i love how you said
    “but truly, if happiness could be poured into a glass then mine would be spilling over.” this just makes me smile to think of it.

  7. Just beautiful. Not the typical fall pictures like we are having hear, but amazing all the same. Love the pony at the gate with the clouds!

  8. Amazing, stunningly captured…. especially loving the shot of the ‘shrooms!

    You absolutely captured the season as it appears right now…I will revisit your posts again after finding you through Shutter Sisters.

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  10. These images are phenomenal! I especially like the first one and the one with the horse and the one with the pine cones. Gorgeous place you’ve got there to run/walk in.

  11. Wow! The ‘almost home’ photo is brilliant (and you know I love the footpath sign …)

    Cheers and thanks for sharing your beautiful English morning 🙂

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