The Real Worker Bee

Now while I would never think of John as just a worker bee, (which would make me the queen, right) he is definitely the one who makes things happen here. As an example, do you see those hats on the wall … last Saturday I said quite casually, ” What do you think about a long wooden strip here with pegs to display my special hats from home ? ”  A few hours later, I was putting three generations of my family hats on a lovely hat rack made by a man who makes me feel like all I need do is ask.

I loved hearing about your projects yesterday and would like to do a post with links to your blog or include a photograph of your projects here at GOTJ. You decide, but I think it would be fun to have a community Show & Tell page. If you’re interested, leave me a comment below and I’ll be in touch.

11 thoughts on “The Real Worker Bee

  1. Count me in. I’ve got several projects on the go, they kind of feed each other. The one that is closest to completion is a short pro bono video for the US National Parks Service (NPS) about volunteers and their contribution, in this case in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state which suffered huge floods in late 2006.

    Volunteers play a big role in the parks overall, and their contribution is huge. And young people are especially important for the future of the parks. In doing research I learned that (with a few exceptions) in for many parks visitor demographics tend NOT to reflect the population that sourround that park – from which the large majority of vistors come – where the surrounding population is non-caucasian. This is known and acknowledged by the NPS, which is very keen to see it addressed, but results have been slow. All of a sudden I am on a mission, to see if there is something I could do to help urban kids have the kind of experience described in Ken Burn’s PBS series last year on the National Parks; one that connects you with nature and creates a sense of being part of something important. Ref a previous post comment, I’ve decided to throw my heart over the fence and get on the plane, so next week I’ll be in Yosemite for a couple of days following this idea. All pretty weird when I live thousands of miles away on another continent.

    When I get back to the UK I have a MEGA house clearing to do, and let me tell you, that is just as big a project for me psychologically, if not bigger.

    And hold breath all…maybe thread, cloth and my fingers will also find a meeting place soon, too?

    Guess there are several blog posts of material in all of that!
    Team GOTJ, have you got any thoughts or ideas?

  2. Yeah, do it – there are tons of us out here working on projects, re-purposing and bringing back loveliness to old things. We don’t need more Pottery Barns and Crate & Barrels – we need to give a little TLC to what’s already out there! Beautiful things which have stood the test of time and display beautiful craftsmanship. Searching for older pieces is such fun and gives a home a much more personal look.

    I have plenty of posts and pics of my home projects over the past couple of years – and with Spring coming (hopefully) I’ll soon be out in the garden with paint brushes and spray cans!!


  3. Jon sounds a lot like my dad. If i even mention and idea or project for my house within a matter of a day it’s either complete or well on it’s way. I love it!
    Your hallwall is so beautiful and welcoming. The hat rack is a great idea and i love that sled hanging there.

    btw, i love show and tell. great idea

  4. Oh I would like my husband to me a little bit like John.. we have lived here for 4 and half years and nothing is done except two rooms…I got those sorted. He works really hard though all year, so no time for the house.. !!

    A great idea for the hats , and your hall is wonderful.

  5. Be still my heart that is the most romantic hat rack I have ever seen. What kindness in all he does. I would love to be apart of a creative forum, whatever you may do but let me just confess, I do procrastinate, but would be glad to oooh and aaah over anyone else’s endeavors!

  6. Oh that’s lovely. 🙂

    I like the project idea. Gosh… I’ll have to think about that. The closest I can think of is the rooster I embroidered for my sister-in-law a few Christmases back. It seemed “iffy” because I didn’t have enough embroidery silks, no fabric and no design. 😀

  7. So very creative!! Love the way you’ve hung those hats..and even more – the antique sled beside it. The project idea is wonderful!!! Looking forward…

  8. Sadly my most recent project was nothing more than cutting a five-euro “table runner” into two pieces and rehemming the ends to make two kitchen towels. That was daunting enough for me (and boy are the stitches ugly)!

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