All Aboard

My sister Margaret saw pictures of my completed new studio space this morning and said something while we were iChatting that made perfect sense when I took a second look. She said my new space made her think of the Orient-Express. It was a combination of the wall lights, the interior windows facing the corridor leading into the larger space, and the vibrant colors. Additionally, she thought that the curve of the coving (crown moulding) gave it a bit of a train cabin interior especially around the bookshelves and daybed. I did a little internet search and although my studio is not quite as swish as a cabin found in an Agatha Christie novel, I can see what she means now. What do you think?

This photograph will give you a clear picture of how the door looks.

The orange curtains make everything glow a lovely warm shade in the morning before I open them for the day.

I love this shot of the entry taken from the other side of the glass door.

The picture that welcomes me when I come into my space is one of my daughter Miranda. It was taken when she was about 18 months old while sitting in my grandmother’s old wicker chair.

I know I am being a terrible tease here, but I will be back tomorrow with more of the big reveal.

4 thoughts on “All Aboard

  1. Oh how nice!
    I love how you are teasing us and only revealing a little at a time, even tho part of me begs to see it all at once. Anticipation is a good thing.

    I notice the small windows (from yesterday’s trip to the loo) in the hallway on either side of the door that I now know is the door to the loo. And those orange curtains! I love them, and the glow they give! And I saw a hint of them in the loo photos and wondered about them yesterday – it is nice to now see their context.

    What a lovely space you have. I am happily anticipating the next peek!

  2. You tease, for sure!! Really like your up / down lighters. And a cello! Is there no end to the culture in your house, Elizabeth?!

    Looking forward to the next installement.. yours, from a madly rendering (video) and DVD making hothouse of activity in PNW, M

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